Here are the DC Comics stories the Injustice movie should adapt

A DC Injustice movie has just been announced, based on the Injustice 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us video games from Mortal Kombat creator Netherrealm. The new animated feature will follow this year’s Batman: The Long Halloween – Part 2, and a preview of the Injustice: Gods Among Us movie will be available on that movie’s Blu-ray when it releases in August.

There are plenty of stories in the fantastic Injustice universe for an animation to adapt, so let’s take a look at the most likely.

What story could the DC Injustice movie adapt?

DC Injustice Movie

Injustice: Gods Among Us

The most boring option would be for the Injustice movie to adapt the story of the first game in the series. Picking up five years after The Joker nuked Metropolis, provoking Superman into killing him, Superman and the remaining Justice League have established a totalitarian Regime to keep the world’s population in check. Batman’s Insurgency plans a rebellion, which involves bringing over heroes from the regular DC universe to stop the Regime. The story would certainly make for an epic movie but would be a tremendous misstep for DC. The game’s cutscenes alone clock in at over two hours, and would probably offer more realistic animation than the movie itself — plus, they’re freely available on YouTube.

Year One

A far more exciting story for the movie would be the story of the first year after The Joker’s death, which could incorporate the full story of how that happened too.

Superman loses his connection to humanity with the death of Lois Lane and slowly starts to create his Regime, with Batman and Earth’s governments opposing him. It would incorporate an uprising by Atlantis, an invasion by Darkseid, the theft of the “super-pill” that’s so important to the game, and the deaths of Nightwing and Green Arrow.

The Fall Of Krypton

dc injustice movie plot explained

Perhaps an outlier, but the destruction of Krypton at the brutal hands of Brainiac, as glimpsed in the opening of Injustice 2, would make for a great movie — and unlike all the other options, not a story that’s already been adapted as a comic book as of yet.

It would detail Kara Zor-El and Kal-El’s escape from Krypton, the invasion by Brainiac, and the capturing of Kandor. It could also tell how both General Zod and Doomsday were sent to the Phantom Zone.

The Green Lantern Corps Wars

Credit: DC Comics

There are two major conflicts involving the Green Lantern Corps that are completely skipped over by the games which would make for epic movies.

The first involves the Corps attempting to oust Superman’s Regime, and only failing when he gets hold of a Sinestro Corps Ring. The second is an attack on the Green Lantern base on Oa by the Red Lanterns, which is further complicated by the sudden appearance of Brainiac.

Year Zero

injustice movie plot explained

The most recent Injustice comic might be the best for a movie, it’s a prequel that sets up the whole conflict, and The Joker is front and centre. Joker discovers an artifact that gives him godlike powers, which he uses to slowly dismantle both the Justice Society and the Justice League. Superman beats him by seemingly being incorruptible, which Joker plans to put to the test — especially as he discovers the importance of Lois Lane to Superman.

Any of these choices would make for a fantastic movie, but fans will have to wait for the big reveal in August to find out what plot DC is going with. As for the videogame side, Netherrealm itself is rumored to be working on a DC vs Marvel fighting game, although most fans expect Injustice 3 to be its next game after Mortal Kombat 11.