NetherRealm continues to tease Marvel Vs DC fighting game

NetherRealm studio head Ed Boon continues to offer further teases about a Marvel vs DC fighting game, or even a straight Marvel fighting game to complement the developer’s own Injustice series. With the latest Mortal Kombat game over two years old at this point and the Mortal Kombat movie now done, all eyes are on NetherRealm Studios’ next game, which may not be Injustice 3 as most fans were predicting.

All the NetherRealm Marvel vs DC fighting game teases so far

Netherrealm Marvel vs DC fighting game

Just last week rumors began spreading that NetherRealm was working on a fighting game with Marvel Comics characters, with an interview with Ed Boon confirming that he had been in talks with Marvel regarding a game being the main fuel to the fire — where he also suggested that he would “love to work on a Marvel vs DC game.” Since then, the normally open Ed Boon has refused to confirm or deny these rumors. Instead, he has merely poured fuel on this particular fire.

From anyone else this tweet might seem innocuous, but with Boon undoubtedly aware of the rumors about the next NetherRealm game and the suspicious emoji, he is either teasing a Marvel collaboration for the normally DC-based developer or deliberately stoking the fire. The Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley replied with the classically suspicious shifty eyes emoji, and Boon reminded a fan that James Gunn is both a Marvel and DC director.

While fans jumped to the conclusion that the game being teased is a straight Marvel fighting game, many people called that out as unlikely due to the fact that NetherRealm is owned by Warner Bros, who also own DC Comics — hence why there have been so many DC tie-ins at the studio. Ed Boon was also one of the first to tweet his excitement over the announcement for the next DC FanDome event.

Last year DC FanDome revealed Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and Gotham Knights, so it’s possible another new game will be announced at FanDome 2021. Fans are already suggesting Injustice 3, but with these Marvel rumors NetherRealm’s next game may well be a Marvel vs DC fighting game instead, which would satisfy all parties. Fans will have to wait to find out, though, as the DC FanDome isn’t until October.