Why a standing desk is an essential purchase in 2021

It’s a new way of life for many people in 2021, with the pandemic forcing businesses to rethink the way they operate. Offices and other places of work have closed in favor of staff working from home. While it’s great that many of us can just roll out of bed and take a few steps to be “at work,” it also often means more time spent sitting down hunched over at a desk. In comes the standing desk, a simple idea that can have a big impact on work-from-home health.

Why stand?

standing desk

Working a standing desk into your daily routine provides the encouragement needed to keep moving and repositioning. The cycle of 45-60 minutes of sitting followed by 45-60 minutes of standing throughout the working day helps provide a healthy amount of varied movement.

In addition to promoting a healthier posture during the working day, a standing desk can also make users more productive. Having the desk alarm sounding off every hour or so draws attention to the passage of time and can help cut down on procrastination or tasks taking too long to complete. What’s more, I personally find myself more productive when standing. It also makes the workspace easy to leave and return to for small tasks like answering emails without sitting down and fully committing yourself.

The sit-stand balance

standing desk

While standing up has its benefits, it’s important to also have the option to sit. This is why sit-stand desks strike the perfect balance between the two. The FlexiSpot Electric Gaming Desk that we’re currently in the process of reviewing, for example, has a height range that accommodates both sitting and standing positions. What’s more, it comes equipped with a memory controller that records presets so that users can quickly move between sitting and standing without wasting time and energy with a manual crank. There’s also an alarm for gentle reminders to switch between settings throughout the day.

Electrical and presets for convenience

standing desk

Whether you’re a veteran of the working-from-home lifestyle or a newcomer who is being forced to adapt, a standing desk can be a real game-changer and well worth considering when updating your office setup.