PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review: ‘Best pad with paddles for Switch’

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller review.

When it comes to competitive-grade Nintendo Switch controllers for games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Splatoon 2, there aren’t many options out there that offer custom paddles and other professional-level enhancements. Thankfully, PowerA is here with its Fusion Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch. This is the GameRevolution review.

Power of paddles

PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review

The PowerA Nintendo Switch Fusion Pro Controller’s primary selling point is the customizable paddles on the rear. These give a clear advantage in games where aiming, jumping, and shooting all at the same time can mean winning a gunfight. In Fortnite, the four paddles are especially helpful in building quickly while aiming at an enemy, without ever taking thumbs off the sticks. When compared to the standard Joy-Cons, or even the official Pro Controller, the paddles make PowerA’s option a true game-changer. Once you’ve had paddles, it’s tough to go back.

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However, paddles aren’t the only thing offered by the Fusion Pro Wireless for Nintendo Switch. There’s additional personalization in the form of faceplates, which allow users to switch between black or white appearances. As luck would have it, this helps the controller exactly match the newly-revealed Nintendo Switch Pro (OLED model) with its white Joy-Cons and dock. PowerA’s pad would look great next to the new OLED model.

Change it up

PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review

Another element of the Fusion Pro Wireless for Switch that can be swapped around are the analog sticks. Players can mix and match convex and concave designs, allowing them to pick their preference for comfort and grip. I’ve found that convex is great for the left stick for movement controls, while concave works brilliantly for aiming.

Swapping out components also means it’s easy to pop in a fresh stick or faceplate when they eventually degrade. This gives the pad a nice longevity boost, though it would be nice to see these options sold separately for users to stock up on.

Going beyond

PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review

Other highlights of the Fusion Pro Wireless for Nintendo Switch include anti-friction rings, a high-quality USB-C cable, and an included protective case. Then there is the motion control support, which works flawlessly. This is fantastic to see, as other third-party pads often cut this feature. It also has a 3.5 mm jack for wired headphones when in the wired mode.

This gamepad is recognized by the Switch as a Pro Controller, so it’s good to see motion controls supported. However, PowerA’s option does not feature any rumble, which can bring some gaming moments to a halt. Super Mario Odyssey, for example, has puzzles that require rumble controls. What’s more, this controller does not have NFC support, so Amiibo figures won’t be recognized.

Feels like quality

PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review

In the weeks spent testing the Fusion Pro Wireless for Nintendo Switch, I grew to love the feel of the pad in the hand and the build quality in general. The D-Pad is especially tactile and responsive, surpassing the quality of the Pro Controller and standard Joy-Cons. The paddles also feel weighty and substantial. The additional rubber on the grips also feels good in the hand. This is a product that feels premium and stands toe-to-toe with the Pro Controller, which is a big compliment.

With a 900 mAH battery, this gamepad’s battery life is significantly lower than the Pro Controller’s 1300 mAH. Despite this, I found the PowerA controller lasted three days’ worth of extended gaming in the evenings, which I think is good. I’ve always found the battery life of Switch controllers to be impressive, and that’s the same story here.

PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review: The final verdict

PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller Review

At $99.99, the PowerA Fusion Pro Switch Controller is obviously a premium option. It’s $30-40 more than the Pro Controller, so clearly this pad is designed to go beyond. I think the paddles that offer a true competitive advantage in shooter titles, notably solid D-Pad, replaceable components with spares included in the box, serendipitous matching of the Switch (OLED model), solid build quality, and the host of other impressive features are worth the cost for the right kind of player.

The shortcomings of no rumble or NFC may be dealbreakers for some, but the competitive players that this controller is aimed at will no doubt be willing to forgo those missing features for everything else that the Fusion Pro Controller offers. It’s certainly become my own daily driver as the best pad with paddles for Switch.

Fusion Pro Switch Controller review unit was provided by PowerA