PS4’s Until Dawn Scared Me Out of My Headphones – TGS Hands-On, Headset-Off Preview

I knew it was coming.

I knew there was a jump scare moment coming. 

As soon as they led me into a dimly lit room and sat me down in a comfy ass-chair, I knew Sony was setting me up to freak right the hell out when I least expected it. I was determined to not let it happen. I lost.

I'm okay with the loss, however. Until Dawn's demo scenario dropped me somewhere in the middle of the game, and the experience was so well set up that I got swept away by the atmosphere and story; my subconscious became absorbed in the characters' problems, so I let the game do its thing.

Dialogue flowed naturally with great voice acting. I wonder how much was scripted and how much was the actors doing a damn fine job? I'm sure the script writers are owed heaps of respect, but those more subtle bits that make a conversation feel more natural don't seem like something you'd pen down. Alas, I'm getting off topic (Wow, I'm pretending to care about being off topic now. Soon I'll start typing "lol" in my material, too, lol. That was quick, lol).

This might have been the same demo that other conventions had, but I don't really care. I hadn't played it until today and that's the most important thing. What I did. Important. Me.

I wandered through a dark basement in a dilapidated…hotel, I think. Doesn't matter, point is it was scary. Gameplay felt similar to Heavy Rain. I'd hoold R2 to pick stuff up, rotate my controller to mandatorily examine it. At times it added to the immersion, at others it took away from it. I suppose these things happen.

When the big moment came, I had become invested in the characters' search for truth in this horror scenario, and it got me. I recoiled so hard, my headphones slid well out of position. I would have loved to see my face, because my face is always great to look at.

The attendant behind me in the darkness was laughing. I figured since this was a horror game and screams were expected in the surrounding area, I could probably get away with permanently shutting HAHAHA naaah I'm just kidding.

Hey let's hang out in the basement!