Comic-Con: Mega Man Fully Charged Artwork Revealed

Capcom and DHX Media’s upcoming Mega Man cartoon show hasn’t exactly been popular among fans of the legendary character. The art-style has been a major point of contention for commenters. To be fair, Mega Man Fully Charged doesn’t have the best look. Mega Man himself looks odd. Before airing on Cartoon Network this August, however, some new concept art for the show has been shown off at Comic-Con.

The new concept art, by artist Jose Emroca Flores, looks… great, actually. It’s far more stylized than the show itself. While Mega Man Fully Charged sadly won’t look the same as these new prints, they do a good job at showing us some of the Robot Masters that will appear in the show. We wish that Fully Charged looked as cool as these prints. Thanks go to Rockman Corner for the pictures.

The first of the prints gives us a nice look at Rush’s transformation into a bike. It’s got explosions and everything – a real action hero poster, this:

mega man fully charged

The second artwork depicts a slightly calmer scene. In this, Mega Man and Rush are running from a particularly evil-looking Robot Master. A futuristic city-scape and other Robot Masters appearing behind them. It’s pretty cool:

mega man fully charged

Both prints could act as solid posters for any such Mega Man film. Sadly, the show itself won’t look as nice as this new art. Oh well. Hopefully, Mega Man Fully Charged is better than it looks. Josh Scherba (president of DHX Media) is confident it will be good, anyway. “We’re confident fans both old and new will love this new series, as they follow Mega Man’s fast-paced adventures.” Indeed, fans don’t have long to wait.

Mega Man Fully Charged begins on Cartoon Network Sunday, August 5th. New episodes airing every Sunday from then on. That’s not all, however. Ten episodes of Fully Charged will be available to stream on the Cartoon Network app and various other on-demand services on Friday, August 3rd.