Female Kratos Cosplay Looks Phenomenal

Kratos already has had quite the make-over when the game was first revealed back in 2016’s E3, but this female Kratos cosplay is here to tell us there is a new God in town and BOY are we happy to see such a refreshing take on the god of war. Or should we say, goddess of war? As you can see above, this Kratos cosplayer knows how to look mighty fierce for the camera and have we said how much we love everything about this? If not, well, we love everything about this.

We first came upon this amazing cosplay thanks to ComicBook.com, who revealed the cosplayer to be the much-loved Miss Sinister. She’s well known for putting a lot of love and attention into her cosplays, as we can see by the stunning amount of detail in her Kratos cosplay.

It’s clear she’s an expert at what she does and has many fans who are just as impressed by her work, but what truly shocks us is the variety of character’s she’s able to become. A quick look at her Twitter shows off a diverse range of cosplays, including Miss Sinister as a Sith Lord, as Mystique from X-Men and our personal favorite, Jack from the Mass Effect series.

Kratos is her latest and it’s easy to see why when the game is still so popular months after its release. The newest God of War did the impossible by transforming what some may argue to be a slowly dying franchise into something that is now on everyone’s lips. Not only is it such a hot topic, but it also re-opened the discussion of whether single player games truly are dying out like certain studios have said.

Regardless, what do you think of Miss Sinister’s latest cosplay? Be sure to tell her what you think on her official Twitter too.