Fortnite Figures On The Way From McFarlane Toys

Because who doesn’t need some Fortnite figures in their lives, right? Thanks to McFarlane Toys, the chance of making your Fortnite collection bigger and better is now a possibility. Fortnite first came out on the 25th of July last year and has since taken the world by storm, and it’s for that reason why we’re shocked that Fortnite figures haven’t already been made. Oh well, it’s better late than never.

That said, we don’t know too much about what to expect from the full lineup of products. According to Game Informer, in a press release, Todd McFarlane said, “the developer’s art team at Epic Games wants to bring that same attitude into the creation of their toys, and everyone here at McFarlane Toys will be doing all we can to bring Fortnite fans the very best products.”

There are a lot of things that McFarlane Toys could create when it comes to Fortnite. After all, both the Epic Games Team and the Fortnite community are so creative that the full lineup could contain something as bizarre as a tomato head figure to a shopping cart. Regardless of what they’ll eventually reveal, we’re confident that the company (along with Epic Games) will create a selection that all Fortnite fans will be clamoring to get their hands on. Personally, we’re hoping for a golf cart of some sort too.

Another thing we’re pretty certain of is that the figures will be of excellent quality. The McFarlane Toys company was first founded in 1994 and has created perfect miniatures and figures of all your favorite characters from a number of series, such as The Walking Dead, NBA and Assassin’s Creed. With all that experience under their belt, we’d be surprised if the figures ended up doing poorly due to lack of quality.

Are you excited to have a collection of Fortnite figures? Let us know in the comments below.