Venom Critic Reactions Call it ‘Tom Hardy’s Worst Performance’

Early Venom reactions from the premiere have labeled the superhero movie Tom Hardy’s “worst performance” and “Catwoman level bad,” with it also being branded a “complete failure” that “slipped through a wormhole from 2004.”

The highly anticipated film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a reporter who merges with an alien symbiote in the Spider-Man comics. Venom goes on to become one of Spider-Man’s most popular rivals, also serving as an anti-hero in his own comics run. With Hardy being known for more serious acting roles, his casting as Eddie Brock garnered a lot of attention, though the mixed reactions to the film won’t be heartening news for Sony.

One movie-goer called the film “Catwoman level bad,” a reference to the notoriously awful 2004 Halle Berry flop:

Uproxx writer Mike Ryan said he was “fascinated” by the film, also dropping a particularly odd potential spoiler:

Another viewer called it an “excruciatingly surreal experience,” describing how it felt like a movie from 2004: