GameGrumps House Party Cameo Possible

A GameGrumps House Party cameo could be made possible by an influx of fans voting to see their favorite YouTube Let’s Play hosts immortalized in a game they played on their channel. House Party, a sexually explicit game currently in Early Access on Steam, hasn’t garnered rave reviews from big-name publications, but has made a name for itself for its questionable content, outrageous characters, and somewhat everyday setting.

Eek! Games, LLC, the developers and publishers of the title, recently set up a contest to allow players to submit auditions of themselves, with the person with the most votes at the end of October having their likeness added to the game as the “next House Party guests”.

Silhouettes on the Vote.HouseParty website outlines the potential for two winners, one male and one female. Given the popularity of the GameGrumps House Party playthrough, it was only natural to expect someone to submit friends and hosts, Arin Hanson and Daniel Avidan, as potential considerations for the contest. The inevitable happened but was deleted soon after fans realized that the submission wasn’t official.

Since then, Reddit user Nut_boye is said to have passed on the news of the now removed imitator and been given the go-ahead from the YouTube stars to put together an official submission of both Arin and Danny as the next House Party guests, meaning a GameGrumps House Party cameo is a real possibility right now.

Amassing 3% of the votes just 2 hours after submission, the GameGrumps House Party cameo submission now sits in the lead with 31% of the overall vote and are currently featured on the front page of the competition alongside two other entries; which sit at 16% and 13% respectively at the time of writing.

Released onto Steam more than a year ago now, the game, which is available for around $15, is still in Early Access, with bug fixes to last month’s large-scale 0.11.3 update being patched in earlier today. The title sees players attend a house party with the age of its guests presumably being between 18-21 thanks to the constant topic of underage drinking. Players navigate the party and interact with the guests, with certain dialogue choices and actions triggering scripted routes of progression and side-stories..