Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson Provides the Internet with its New Favorite Meme

Game Grumps hosts Arin Hanson has blessed the internet with its latest favorite meme, with a new episode of the YouTube show’s ’10 Minute Power Hour’ series providing a hilarious clip that’s doing the rounds online. The clip, taken from the latest episode of Power Hour in which Arin and co-host Dan Avidan play the game ‘Watch Your Mouth,’ has stretched beyond the popular channel’s YouTube fanbase and into the wider internet.

The clip features Arin struggling to eat M&Ms and Doritos while wearing the elaborate mouth guard included in the ‘Watch Your Mouth’ game. While the video was an instant hit with Game Grumps’ 4.6 million YouTube subscribers, it has since made its way out of the show’s dedicated audience and hit the likes of Reddit.

The video can be viewed below:

After being uploaded on the Game Grumps channel, viewers began taking clips and sharing them to its dedicated subreddit r/GameGrumps. One such meme includes this riff on InfoWars host Alex Jones, who infamously claimed that the US government was putting chemicals in the country’s water to “turn the frogs gay.” This inevitably began to circulate on other subreddits and eventually made its way to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, so now the internet as a collective has been forced to deal with this image:

game grumps arin hanson

But like all good memes, it doesn’t end there. Arin’s Watch Your Mouth experience has also been immortalized in a video, in which his face has been edited to become more warped and monstrous with every chew of the snacks his co-host Dan feeds him. The video can be seen below, and it really is something:

Game Grumps is more commonly known as a Let’s Play channel, where Arin and Dan play video games alongside one another while providing commentary. Arin created the channel back in 2012 alongside Jon “JonTron” Jafari, though after Jon left, Dan took his place. Dan also performs as the lead singer of the comedy band Ninja Sex Party, while Arin is also known for the animations he created under the pseudonym “Egoraptor.”

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