Caddicarus’ $10,000 PC failure story is ‘Uncut Gems’ but for gamers

Credit: Caddicarus/YouTube

YouTube star Caddicarus‘ story of a $10,000 PC failure has been described as being “as stressful as Uncut Gems,” with the YouTuber describing how he spent an extortionate amount of money on fixing a series of bizarre technical issues, nearly destroying his entire channel in the process.

YouTube’s Caddicarus nearly ‘destroys’ channel with PC failures

Caddicarus, real name Jim Caddick, had been uncharacteristically absent from his YouTube channel since December. Given the nature of YouTube’s unforgiving algorithm which rewards consistency above all else, such a lengthy break from the platform can be disastrous. However, Caddicarus explains that his prolonged break was unintentional, and was instead the result of a multitude of technical issues that will be achingly familiar to anyone who has built their own PC.

PC building can be a nightmare. With so many different parts to purchase and potentially bank-busting mistakes that can be made, the cash can quickly stack up to astronomical amounts if you aren’t careful. While many PC gamers strictly advise against pre-built hardware, Caddicarus’ story shows how paying the extra money for a professional to construct your desktop can often be the better option.

In a video titled ‘I’m sorry,’ Caddicarus apologizes to his 800,000 YouTube subscribers for the lack of videos, before going on to reveal that he has spent months and over $10,000 desperately trying to rectify ongoing PC issues.

The problems initially started with ordering the parts themselves — due to a combination of the pandemic and Brexit, the British YouTuber was either unable to purchase certain parts or found that items were unable to be shipped from EU countries to the UK. It then devolves into black screen errors, power failures, Windows problems, and hard crashes that amount to what would be any PC owner’s worst nightmare.

Watch the video below:

The escalating stress of the video saw Four Circle Interactive’s Dan Pearce comparing it to Adam Sandler’s anxiety-inducing film Uncut Gems, and we have to agree. There’s nothing quite like being in the deep end of a DIY PC and finding that the end result doesn’t work, and Caddicarus’ video has struck a chord with viewers who’ve experienced their own technical failures.

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