Game Grumps’ Dan Avidan responds to sexual misconduct allegations: ‘It’s simply untrue’

Game Grumps' Dan Avidan (right) with co-host Arin Hanson.

Game Grumps‘ Dan Avidan has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct, apologizing if his actions had “made anyone upset” but saying that the accusations are “simply untrue.” This follows the publication of a Reddit post allegedly containing video and text messages shared between Dan and a female fan, which subsequently saw the YouTube personality and Ninja Sex Party frontman accused of “grooming” the young fan.

Dan, who co-hosts the gaming Let’s Play channel Game Grumps alongside Arin Hanson, was the subject of a Reddit post from r/RantGrumps outlining messages he had reportedly sent to a female fan. The post claimed that the first exchange between Dan and the female fan was when she was 17, with it adding that he had then had a sexual relationship with her when she was 22.

While the post didn’t show any legal wrongdoing on Dan’s behalf, the claims that he had been in contact with the fan before she had turned 18 led to allegations of grooming, which Dan refutes. In a statement provided to GameRevolution, the YouTuber confirmed that he had a sexual relationship with the fan in question, though stated that it had been one between “consenting adults” and not exploitative.

“I stand by the fact that any interactions that took place of a sexual nature with the person in question were done so when she was 22 years old and we were both consenting adults,” Dan said. “To claim I engaged in any predatory behavior is simply untrue. I have made mistakes in the past, and I apologize if my actions or words ever made anyone upset, but those mistakes were never ill-intentioned, exploitative or illegal in any capacity.”

After the allegations began circling social media, the fan allegedly described in now-deleted Reddit posts that she didn’t believe she had been groomed, but that she felt Dan’s actions to be an “abuse of power.” However, the limited interactions between the pair shared as part of the initial accusations did not suggest any legal wrongdoing on the YouTuber’s behalf.