‘The Worst YouTuber’ has returned and he’s accusing Moist Critical of slander

MaximilianMus, who was branded ‘The Worst YouTuber’ in a viral video from fellow YouTube videomaker Moist Critical, has returned, and he’s accusing his biggest critic of slander.

MaximilianMus has 1.42 million subscribers on YouTube and is a partnered channel despite a long and controversial history on the site. His behavior was called into question by Moist Critical in a video titled ‘This Is The Worst YouTuber,’ in which Critical — real name Charlie White — detailed a laundry list of allegations. These included MaximilianMusic allegedly threatening a man into eating his own feces, raiding streamers’ channels with his followers and spamming them with homophobic and racist slurs, allowing child pornography to be shared in his Discord server, and getting his community to doxx and threaten YouTubers and other individuals.

“[MaximilianMus] does some truly degenerate s***, and I truly think he is one of the most vile, foulest people to ever use [YouTube] and abuse the power he found online,” Critical says in the video. After the video was published, MaximilianMus seemingly left YouTube, with his last upload being a video in which he “trolled” Call of Duty players. However, this week he returned to the channel, uploading a video in which he refuted Critical’s claims.

MaximilianMus responds to Moist Critical’s allegations

In a now-removed video titled ‘Youtube allows potentially life ruining slander on their platform,’ MaximilianMus defends his previous actions. The YouTuber claims that his behavior has been exaggerated, Moist Critical has lied, and that various screenshots of conversations allegedly involving him have been doctored.

In regards to the man who he allegedly threatened into eating his own feces, the YouTuber says this was was not the case, but that he instead encouraged him to do so. When it comes to Critical’s accusation of Maximilian’s Discord posting images of child sexual abuse, the YouTuber claims that this is unfounded. He also claims that an image of him allegedly attempting to blackmail a woman into sending him sexually explicit photos has been doctored.

Now, Moist Critical has addressed MaximilianMus’ rebuttal. In the video, Critical reneges on his initial claim that Maximilian had threatened the man into eating his feces, adding that he instead “manipulated” him into doing so. Critical claims that the man in question had reached out to him about the incident, with the man saying that MaximilianMus and his followers had used his “ASD (Autism spectrum disorder)” to “trick me into doing that.”

Critical also claims that he was contacted by “50–to–100” women who had been subjected to Maximilian and his community harassing them in the YouTuber’s Discord. “They were often times goaded into sexually explicit conversations and often baited for nudes,” Critical alleges, before noting that he will not show the screenshots he has reportedly been sent to preserve their privacy.

Critical also maintains that MaximilianMus’ Discord was routinely used to circulate child pornography, claiming that the YouTuber had scrubbed his channel of audio wherein he admits to this being the case, then showing a clip from a 2018 Fortnite video where Maximilian and another player discuss being pedophiles as a “joke.” Critical notes that Maximilian “still does make these jokes, he still makes it seem like pedophiles and all that s*** is welcome in his community.”

Moist Critical’s video can be viewed below:

MaximilianMus has yet to respond to Moist Critical’s new allegations. Today, he set the two videos refuting Critical’s previous claims to private. If Charlie’s allegations are true, then Maximilian would have breached YouTube’s community guidelines. This could see his verification status revoked by the platform.

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