Violet Evergarden OVA Netflix Release Date Is Here

Violet Evergarden OVA Netflix release date reveal ultimately wasn’t needed as the special episode released across the popular streaming platform earlier today. The Netflix original anime premiered back in January with weekly episodes, concluding its run in early April. An additional episode was made available in Japan months later, but international fans have had to wait on Netflix to release the official subtitled version.

Since the original anime finished its run earlier this year, a question on the mind of fans often related to a Violet Evergarden OVA Netflix release date. Though Netflix would have you believe it was in complete control of the series by slapping its usual “Netflix Original Series” sticker all over it, the OVA, which acts as the 14th episode of the series, was made available in Japan on July 4 with the international Violet Evergarden OVA Netflix release date left up in the air.

OVA episodes are typically released long after a series finishes up its traditional TV run in Japan, with the bonus episodes included with various merchandise and DVD/Blu-ray volumes to drum up sales. This remained true with the Violet Evergarden OVA in the country. Netflix didn’t mirror the release on the streaming service, though the existence of the bonus episode in Japan could have seen fans take to illegally downloading the release through services commonly used by less genuine anime fans.

The delayed release of the Violet Evergarden OVA will likely hit the service’s viewing figures. Netflix hasn’t revealed the numbers achieved by the show on its service, but the show garnered positive reviews when it aired earlier in the year.

Violet Evergarden is a coming-of-age show adapted from the light novel series of the same name. It centers around the titular character, Violet Evergarden, and her search for purpose after a war. A movie release is planned for 2020. US Netflix subscribers can access the title here, but a European release hasn’t been observed.