New Archie Horror Comics Release Date Skips Halloween

New Archie horror comics won’t make it in time for Halloween this year despite being announced in the most fitting month of the year. The push of two new Archie horror comics miniseries won’t arrive for a few more months, but will take the brand into its sixth year.

Archie Comics announced its new line-up at the turn of last weekend. Following in the footsteps of books like 2013’s  Afterlife With Archie and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (of which inspired the Netflix series of the same name set to launch later this month), new additions Blossoms 666 and Jughead: The Hunger vs Vampironica are set to kick off next year, with a January 2019 date set for the former, and a vague 2019 release date set for the latter.

Those looking for a Halloween fix of new Archie Horror comics goodness will either have to re-read current series staples, or wait a couple of days to binge the first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix show.

Blossoms 666 will see siblings Cheryl and Jason Blossom compete for the title of Antichrist. It certainly isn’t the first time the twins have caused a dark cloud to sweep over Riverdale, but the new Archie horror comics spin-off will certainly put a unique twist on the story for fans of the Netflix/CW show.

On the Jughead side of things, the major comic relief of the franchise will square off against Vampironica in a separate new series that binds two past titles together like a traditional crossover. Vampironica debuted back in March of this year, with the killer version of Veronica Lodge being inspired by the character’s take on the 60s Vampirella comic featured in Betty and Veronica #261.

Jughead: The Hunger debuted in March of last year and turned the question of Jughead’s comically insatiable hunger into a darker topic.