YouTuber Claims That Apple’s New iPad Pro Bends Easily Under Pressure

The tech world has been in a tizzy over the weekend as popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything published a video concerning the new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro bends under seemingly little pressure in the video.

The issue of whether the $800 tablet computer begins to easily bend is backed up by a few users around the internet. There are plenty of naysayers on the same forum who say that the reaction to the test is overblown. Other tests during the video include a Spider-Man-like etching on the tablet’s backside and several general teardowns.

JerryRigEverything performs these tests on most any gadget that releases. The channel lists itself as being for “entertainment purposes only,” and the video’s creator makes it no secret that he’s not an Apple fanboy. The visuals of the video speak for themselves, but this is all still good to keep in mind.

First revealed at an October event, the new iPad Pro features an edge-to-edge screen and the removal of the home button. The slimmed down frame of this new model is partially to blame for its bendability according to the tests. Despite that, it packs a new A12X Bionic chip. With that power, Apple claims that their tablet can match Xbox One X in terms of graphics. Stage demos at the time included a graphically impressive NBA2K mobile outing and a Photoshop demo.

While you generally aren’t going to be bending any tablet computer with all your strength, it does show where Apple’s head is at. It is building devices that are more cost-effective than ever. While that’s great for profits, it doesn’t help their mythic reputation among fans, especially considering the ever increasing price of all of Apple’s hardware. It’s easy to see a longtime fan taking a long hard look at this product before purchasing. Or, at the very least, purchasing a sturdy case before throwing it in their backpack.

Photo by Stephen Lam/ Getty Images