Ace Watkins is the ‘Gamer President’ that we NEED to enter the 2020 race

With the 2020 presidential election coming up in the near future for those in the United States, a lot of Americans are wondering who they should vote for. Well, we’ve got two words for you: Gamer President. That’s right folks, the time has finally come. It’s time to focus on the most important issue: gaming. We believe that Ace Watkins is the man for the job, so it is with humility that we endorse Ace Watkins for President of the United States, the only gamer running for president.

We already know where Ace Watkins stands on the important issues, such as not being a bigot:

How to run America:

And the recently announced Nintendo Switch Lite:

Well, unfortunately, Ace Watkins isn’t actually running for President of the United States; these tweets belong to @GamerPres2020, a parody account set up by the folks over at Hard Drive.

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The account is quickly racking up followers, likes, and retweets, with over 30,000 people supporting the fight for a true Gamer President on Twitter. The account’s description reads: “Where we dropping, boys? Into a better future for America.” You wouldn’t get those sweet Fortnite references from Joe Biden, that’s for sure.

“Every Gamer deserves to have their voice heard at the ballot box,” Watkins notes in a recent tweet. “We need new voter laws that enfranchise Americans by letting them vote from their Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. The policies that benefit Gamers and Introverts are severely underrepresented in this country.”

Watkins also wants voters to know that he plans to address gaming addiction if he is elected as president. “I am the only candidate with a plan to address gaming addiction,” he tweeted, with the solution being to “make enough games that nobody ever runs out and turns to crime.”