Twitch staff are a ‘brand risk’ after Ninja controversy, says Nmplol

Streamer Nick “Nmplol” Polom has said that Twitch staff are “a brand risk to themselves” following the drama with Ninja and his user page after the latter made his move to Mixer. Frustration seems to be building up, so much so that he feels they’re causing more problems for the site than his fellow streamer xQc.

“You wanna know who a brand risk is — and this is dead serious, no troll?” Nmplol began. “Twitch staff moderation. They are a brand risk to themselves. They are getting so much bad PR, it’s disgusting.”

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Twitch has recently come under fire for a number of decisions made for streamers both big and small. Most recently, a Nigerian streamer was banned (and later had it reversed, mind) due to a choice of certain letters in the code for his submitted emote. The criticism from Nmplol, however, didn’t end there.

“And also the person who decided to change Ninja’s Twitch page. They are the biggest brand risk to Twitch, way bigger than xQc could ever be. Like, they’re in the news. They’re in the normie news for what they did to Ninja’s channel.”

Mr. Polom is referring to a series of incidents that took place after popular streamer Ninja left the platform in favor of Mixer. Firstly, Ninja’s verification was removed. Then, his former channel was used to promote other streamers playing Fortnite. That particular choice led to a very unfortunate situation where someone streamed pornography which ended up featured on what used to be one of the streaming platform’s most popular user pages.

With the loss of one of the platform’s most popular streamers and an increasing number of worrying decisions, Nmplol (and others, I’m sure) feel that Twitch is in troubled waters. He finished up the Twitch clip (which you can see below) by saying that they should turn to some introspection.

“So, I think they need to sit back and look and realize who the real brand risk is,” Mr. Polom concluded. “And that might be themselves. Just sayin’.”