xQc temporarily banned from Twitch for allegations of stream sniping

Popular streamer xQc has been suspended from Twitch for seven days due to allegations of stream sniping, according to the Twitch Rivals Twitter account. This suspension comes as a result of his alleged actions during a recent Fall Guys tournament where he can be seen alt-tabbing to different streams to troll and affect the outcome. Twitch Rivals has also banned him from entering tournaments for six months and forced him to forfeit his prize money.

Twitch Rivals laid it all out in a tweet on November 18 and described what rules xQc broke, saying that he cheated through stream sniping in the tournament that took place on November 14. While the suspension took a few days to become official, the move almost immediately lit up within the streaming community. Loltyler1 shouted about it while Shroud said all of his respect for xQc is “literally gone” and went “out the window.”

xQc did apologize on Twitter after the incident (and after the ban, too) and also said he would donate his winning differential to the charity of DrLupo’s choice before seemingly going back on it as an oddly worded joke. There were also allegations of DrLupo’s viewers stream sniping to help DrLupo as one player can be seen stopping before the crown on Fall Mountain, seemingly to let DrLupo grab it and take home the W. Of course, the context is different as DrLupo can’t control his viewers, but that still brings the validity of a Fall Guys tournament with money on the line into question, which is something Asmongold brought up in his video on the topic.

xQc recently fell to second place in overall Twitch subs, according to Twitch Tracker. However, some of this may be temporary as HasanAbi was able to jump ahead because of the recent presidential election in the United States.