Fall Guys Twitch Rivals series starts up next week, $50,000 in total prize money

Fall Guys might not be the most competitively balanced, skill-based game, but it is killing it on Twitch. Now the streaming platform is taking that relationship to the next step by announcing a Fall Guys Twitch Rivals series. This weekly esports event will start up on August 28 at 1 PM PT.

The announcement tweet did not say who would be participating in the competition, but did say it will have your “favorite creators.” Sadly, it probably won’t feature TimTheTatman, given the meme-heavy Twitter account‘s constant jabs at the streamer.

The tweet does call it a weekly series, but does not specify how long it will go on. The follow-up tweet also tells people to “stay tuned for info on future events.” “Fall Guys Fridays” has a nice ring to it so hopefully this means it stays around for quite some time.

The official page divulges more information that the tweet. It will have 80 streamers (20 teams of four) and they will play asynchronously and earn points based on how they placed in a “predetermined number of games.” Teams will get rewarded based on how they placed as a collective unit and not individually.

And that prize money isn’t something to scoff at as it all adds up to $50,000. The winning team will get $7,000, second place will earn $4,000, third through fifth place will get $3,000, and so on. The prize money drops $500 every five ranks, meaning the last five teams get $1,500.