Spotify and Twitch roast TimTheTatman’s Fall Guys losing streak (Update: HE FINALLY DID IT!)


Twitch streamer TimTheTatman’s Fall Guys losing streak has been absolutely brutal to watch. The Fall Guys Twitter spent a good chunk of yesterday roasting him over his many losses, and now Spotify and Twitch have gotten in on the good-natured ribbing.

Fall Guys can be an absolutely brutal game. Only one bean can emerge victorious — and that means everybody else has to lose. We all have our runs of bad luck, but some people are just tremendously unlucky at their efforts to secure a crown.

Enter Twitch streamer TimTheTatman, a man who has been trying his damnedest to score a win in Fall Guys. He hasn’t had the best of luck, but it’s been undeniably hilarious to watch him spiral into a rage after each successive loss.

The defeats have been brutal and I can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for TimTheTatman’s Fall Guys losing streak. Many of you reading this right now have probably had a few bad games in a row and just as many of you might not have won a game yet (myself included).

The difference, however, is that Tim is a pretty popular Twitch streamer. When things start going hilariously bad for him, people notice. The official Fall Guys Twitter spent the better part of a day taunting Tim’s inability to win, and now Spotify and Twitch have jumped in on the fun.

Of course, Tim hasn’t just had problems with his own skills. People love to grief each other in Fall Guys and a popular Twitch streamer makes for a prime target. The game’s growing hacker problem has been an issue, too, but the Fall Guys developers are trying to help level the playing field (while continuing to poke fun at Tim).

“I’m also running out of memes for when [Tim] loses because he losing so much[,]” read the Fall Guys Twitter. “We’re even banning his hackers live on stream for him to try and help[.]”

With every conceivable advantage at hand, will TimTheTatman’s Fall Guys losing streak come to an end? Chances are it won’t, but we’re rooting for you anyway, Tim! Tune in to today to watch him make another attempt at finally scoring a crown in Fall Guys.