Amouranth Twitch ban is reportedly due to ‘accidental nudity’

Popular professional Twitch streamer Amouranth has been banned from the platform, reportedly following a major wardrobe malfunction that occurred during yesterday’s livestream. The Amouranth Twitch ban follows on from previous controversy surrounding the figure, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, who many claim pushes the Twitch Terms of Service to their allowable limit by showcasing often adult-oriented cosplay streams.

Siragusa always remained careful to play within the rules, however, allowing her to build up a following in excess of 1 million viewers and placing her as one of the livestreaming platform’s top ASMR streamers. The event which seemingly caused her ban was an apparent incident of accidental nudity, though.

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In the offending clip, Amouranth can be seen lying on the ground playing with her dog. An innocent moment shared with her pet quickly turns into something more revealing as the streamer sits up and in the process exposes herself to the camera. Live onlookers flooded the chat with a mixture of excitement and concern, the latter group of fans fearing that a future ban may occur as it now seemingly has.

Many others are welcoming the ban, however, as some Twitch users feel that she was intentionally sexually exploitative in order to draw in views on a website where the Terms of Service deem that inappropriate. An example of this is when internet sleuths discovered that Amouranth was in fact married after she had previously portrayed herself to be single during livestreams, which many thought to be intentionally misleading.

There hasn’t been any official word from Amouranth or Twitch itself as to the context of the ban just yet, though with the accidental nudity occurring just yesterday the timing does seem to line up. Though in direct violation of the Twitch ToS stance on sexual content, due to its accidental nature the Amouranth Twitch ban may not be permanent.