New P.T. secret has been discovered 5 years later

A new P.T. secret has been discovered five years after the playable teaser released, with the infamous Silent Hills demo containing a hidden development trick that makes the horror game even scarier in hindsight.

As noted by Lance McDonald, who helms the popular YouTube channel Warp Chair, it’s common in P.T. to hear noises in the teaser as if its nightmare-inducing antagonist Lisa is directly behind you. However, if the player turns around after hearing one of these noises, they’ll discover that there’s nothing there. After hacking the game, McDonald realized that Lisa is standing behind the player when these noises are heard, and that she actually “attaches” herself to the player as soon as they pick up the flashlight.

This means that Lisa is following the player throughout the entirety of P.T., remaining slightly behind you at all times and clinging to your back if you turn around to ascertain the location of her terrifying groans.

Take a look at Lance’s discovery below:

P.T. was released by Hideo Kojima back in 2014 as a teaser for Silent Hills, though after a public falling-out with publisher Konami, the developer’s take on the horror franchise was never released. Despite this, many cite P.T. to be one of the scariest games ever made, with it still retaining a following to this day.

Since its release on PS4, dedicated fans have spent time trying to crack open the teaser in order to discover its various secrets. Back in 2016, Xentax forum user luxox18 posted a datamine of its files revealing a host of unused character models (via Kotaku). Kojima presumably intended to use these models in Silent Hills, though the horror sequel never came to fruition.

Though we may never see Kojima’s vision for the Silent Hill franchise, this new development secret certainly makes the playable teaser even more terrifying in hindsight. While P.T. is no longer available to download on PS4, if you’ve still got the game stored on your console, then give it another spin with this new info in mind.