New Silent Hill game could be in development, but fans are worried

A new partnership with Konami has reignited rumors that a Bloober Team Silent Hill game could be on the way. However, fans are concerned about the studio taking the reins of the series.

These new Silent Hill game rumors have been around since the cancellation of Silent Hills, which the famous P.T. was a demo for and Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear was directly inspired by. Nevertheless, fans are deeply worried about Bloober Team possibly handling a new Silent Hill PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC game.

A Bloober Team Silent Hill game could be on the way

Bloober Team Silent Hill

Bloober Team and Konami today announced a “strategic cooperation agreement” between the two companies, leading to many assuming this was the preamble to an announcement that the team behind The Medium was creating a new Silent Hill game. Bloober Team is primarily known for creating horror games, and its original title Layers of Fear was heavily influenced by the P.T. Silent Hills demo. Konami is the license-holder for Silent Hill, so the connection seems like an obvious one.

The agreement only notes both studios will bring “the development of contents and the exchange of know-how” and no particular projects, although Silent Hill is mentioned at the end under IP Konami owns. However, rumors of a new Silent Hill game have been around since 2018, as summed up neatly by popular horror game leaker @aestheticgamer1 — with Bloober Team specifically coming up earlier this year in a video by TheGrateDebate.

However, many fans concerned about this news. While some are excited, others don’t think highly of the studio’s previous games such as Layers of Fear 1 and 2, Blair Witch, and The Medium, and don’t believe Bloober Team is right for Silent Hill.

Our reviewer enjoyed The Medium but certainly felt it had room for improvement, notably saying that “at its best times, The Medium channels Silent Hill, but the rough pacing and limited gameplay outside of puzzle-solving hold it back.” Likewise, Blair Witch also had some good moments according to our reviewer, but was let down by pacing and poor use of the IP. With conspiracies about a new Silent Hill game going wild, hopefully Bloober Team knows what it’s doing if it’s going to bring fans back to the cursed town.