Surefour: ‘Blizzard doesn’t give a f*** about your opinion’

Overwatch League player Lane “Surefour” Roberts had some choice words about the current state of the Overwatch meta. He was streaming some Competitive Play of the game before hopping into some Borderlands 3, and one person in chat asked him a question that seems to have struck a nerve.

“How do you feel about this meta?,” Surefour began. “Listen, chat. I’ll tell you how to feel about metas in Overwatch. You don’t feel. You just have to realize that you’re going to be stuck with it for a year and there’s nothing you say or do that will change anything about it. Because Blizzard doesn’t give a f*** about your opinion.”

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It wouldn’t be a hero-based team game without complaints about the meta! It’s not as if they’re invalid or unwarranted complaints on Surefour’s part, mind, as his former colleague Seagull thought that the state of Overwatch was in pretty poor shape nearly a year ago.

Many of the issues with the meta, like a lack of healers or no tank whatsoever, were largely solved with the introduction of Role Queue, a new kind of queue that requires players to select either tank, damage, or healer prior to searching for a match and restricts each of those roles to two players apiece.

That’s not to say that Role Queue has solved all of the problems. A hard 2-2-2 restriction for Competitive Play and Quick Play means that the landscape of the game has permanently been changed, and that will likely require tweaking in the long term. Players on /r/CompetitiveOverwatch continue the fine tradition of complaining about the meta by noting the lack of balance patches since this new matchmaking feature was introduced.

Surefour’s complaints about Blizzard ignoring fan feedback on the meta may ring true for some of you out there. It may, perhaps, be wise to heed his advice: accept that we have what we have, hunker down, and hope to goodness that some improvements come sooner rather than later.