TwitchCon party had a ‘huge safety concern,’ AnneMunition says

TwitchCon 2019 has begun, and the night before the convention proper kicked off with a lively celebration. Unfortunately, Twitch streamer AnneMunition noticed something very worrying during the TwitchCon party and took to Twitter to tell people about it.

“Pretty disappointed tbh,” she began on Twitter, “I thought Twitch was starting to understand that some of us want the option of a quieter place for the partner party instead of a huge, loud party.” AnneMunition then continued by pointing out a table full of various draft beers sitting out and in the open — a serving setup that she was none too fond of.

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“Also THIS is a huge safety concern, how is this the way you’re serving drinks…..” she continued.

If you’re a bit lost, the problem is that the drinks at the TwitchCon party were out in the open and unattended. This carries the risk of someone surreptitiously slipping a drug into one or more of the drinks, catching a potential victim unawares. The United States’ National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens recommends that you pour your own drinks and to definitely not leave them out in the open.

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If you’re at a party where people are drinking alcohol, you should be aware that there could be predators hoping to make you drunk or vulnerable. No matter what you’re drinking, even if it’s soda or juice, people can slip drugs in your drinks—so pour all drinks yourself and never leave them unattended (even if you have to take them into the bathroom with you).

AnneMunition’s complaints didn’t end there; she was also upset at the volume of the music and the lack of a quiet area to talk with people, noting that she had a difficult time speaking with one of the developers of Cyberpunk 2077.

We can’t say for sure who decided to let the drinks be served in this fashion at the 2019 TwitchCon party, but it was probably not the best way to serve alcohol for any kind of event. Hopefully, AnneMunition’s comments will prevent something like this from happening again in the future.