Twitch Rivals cameraman accidentally reveals Snip3Down’s password

Twitch Rivals cameraman was getting some background shots during the Apex Legends Showdown at TwitchCon 2019. Unfortunately, this cameraman happened to be watching longtime Halo champion Eric “Snip3down” Wrona as he was typing in his Twitch username and password.

An Apex Legends tournament was taking place at this year’s TwitchCon and quite a few veterans of the first-person shooter scene made a showing. One of these veterans was Snip3down, a competitive Halo player who has twenty championship wins to his name. There was a short amount of downtime in-between games, and a cameraman happened to be maneuvering around behind the stage to get some B-roll while the announcers were discussing the gameplay so far.

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While the Twitch Rivals cameraman was focused on framing a nice shot, he happened to miss something very important: Snip3down was logging into his Twitch account at the time he was being filmed. The Twitch account page appears to have covered up his password, but a keen eye would be able to tell exactly how many characters are in it. What’s worse, his keyboard was also in view; while part of the typing was obscured by his hands, a clever person would be able to get a rough idea of what Snip3down’s password might be and get access to his account.

The (censored) video of the unfortunate incident can be viewed below:

As regrettable as this instance may be, the responsibility does not lie with the cameraman alone. There was surely one or more people behind the scenes working in video production, determining which cameras would be shown live on the stream. It’s unfortunate that no one was able to switch to another feed before Snip3down’s personal information was broadcast to everyone watching the tournament on Twitch.

Neither Mr. Wrona nor Twitch have commented on the gaffe. While Snip3down will probably have to change his password (and double-check to ensure that he has two-factor authentication enabled), the day still ended on a high note — he ultimately won third place in the tournament.