Twitch Just Chatting rant from scientist blows up on Reddit

Twitch Just Chatting rant from a growing Science & Technology streamer named 1girl2beakers has blown up on Reddit and elsewhere. Her message about the state of Twitch’s “Just Chatting” section has resonated so strongly with the internet that even the highly popular (and highly energetic) streamer xQc has chimed in on her complaints.

“One time I went into the ‘Just Chatting’ and people were like—I kid you not, a guy pretty much threatened to peel my skin back from my fingertips and then I never went back into Just Chatting because the people in Just Chatting are super weird,” 1girl2beakers said during one of her streams. “And it’s mostly just like naked people.”

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Twitch Just Chatting Rant - A Selection

A selection of some of the streams in today’s “Just Chatting” section on Twitch.

The woman who initiated the rant is 1girl2beakers, a streamer in Twitch’s Science & Technology section with a shade over 1,000 followers. Her small but dedicated following watches her conduct experiments live on Twitch. This particular rant took place in a video titled “CHEMISTRY! nanoparticles under polar microscopy,” which is the sort of thing that sounds like it comes out of Star Trek.

1girl2beakers is slowly growing her following on the channel, expressing astonishment at going from “zero to nine viewers” at the start of her most recent stream. Aside from her scientific talents as a second-year PHD student, she’s also shown that she has quite a way with words. It’s gained a fair bit of traction on Reddit’s /r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with one user commenting in astonishment that Twitch even has a Science & Technology section.

“So, yeah. Just Chatting: super sketchy,” her popular Twitch clip concluded. “Don’t go to Just Chatting unless you want to be traumatized.”

Popular streamer xQc took a shine to 1girl2beakers’ comments as well, simply stating “True” halfway through her rant. xQc then turned the lights in his room on and began twerking, stating “It’s just art, right?” in an apparent reference to the people who are doing body painting on the platform.

1girl2beaker’s Twitch Just Chatting rant apparently has quite a bit of truth to it—sometimes, it takes someone from the outside looking in to get an honest look at the big picture. You can watch the Twitch Just Chatting rant in the clip below. If you’d like to see more cool science content, you can follow 1girl2beakers on Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram.