Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect says he turned down Mixer deal, praises Twitch

Twitch streamer and former Call of Duty developer Dr Disrespect says that he was the first person to be offered a deal with Mixer, but he turned it down in favor of staying with Twitch.

During the pre-show to his 24-hour Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Twitch stream, Dr Disrespect brought up the subject of Mixer. A fellow streamer by the name of Shroud had just recently announced that he was making the move to Microsoft’s streaming platform, and people were curious about whether or not the Doc would be moving over there himself.

Dr Disrespect Mixer

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“Who’s next, Doctor?” the Twitch clip began. “I was the first one there in Washington before [Ninja]. Before Shroud. They wanted the number one! I said… wrong.”

The Twitch streamer’s criticism of Microsoft’s Mixer service continued on in the full video (starting at 00:16:17).

“[Mixer claims] 30 million monthly active users, but that’s because all their Xbox users get default Mixer steams,” Dr Disrespect began. “Their engagement is extremely low, trust me. And in comparison to Twitch, the streaming platform, has extremely high engagement and session times. That’s how I monetize. By millions of minutes of content watched.”

While popular Twitch streamers like Ninja and Shroud have been all too happy to accept exclusivity deals with the Mixer streaming service, it seems that Dr Disrespect doesn’t have as much confidence in it as his fellow former Twitch streamers do. He continued to lay out his thoughts a little further on in the same video.

“I’ve heard that [Mixer] also likes investing in high-production content for similar reasons,” Dr Disrespect continued. “Xbox spends yearly — yearly! — three hundred million dollars on advertising Xbox and video games. They can save a bunch if they have a good live platform. Right now they advertise on which platform, ladies and gentlemen? Twitch. Millions of minutes watched is the number one metric, and it’s right here on Twitch.”