Demon Slayer manga sales overtake Death Note and Sailor Moon

The world of anime and manga is a tumultuous one. Hits come in at a regular interval, overtaking established genre juggernauts and creating entire media franchises from thin air. One just has to look back at last year’s Jump Force to see how many titans the Shonen Jump magazine has created. If there ever was to be a Jump Force 2, it’s likely that Tanjiro, star of the Demon Slayer manga would be front and center.

Demon Slayer Manga Snow

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The manga, now in its 19th volume, has overtaken both Sailor Moon and Berserk in total sales. The comic also sold more volumes than Naruto in that same period and is edging up to One Piece according to stats tracked by Crunchyroll. There are even reports of the manga selling out across Japan, so the series isn’t even hitting its full potential in terms of sales. It’s a stunning feat for a series that only recently broke into the rest via an anime broadcast on Toonami.

For those not in the know, Demon Slayer tells the tale of Tanjiro, a boy who supports his family after the death of his father. His tale of tragedy continues as he one day finds his family killed, with his sister Nezuko transformed into a demon. He still sees humanity in his kin and goes on a quest to slay the hellspawn and bring his sister back from the brink.

The Demon Slayer manga has a theatrical film adaption coming out in Japan soon, and Crunchyroll reports that it will have its own stage at the upcoming AnimeJapan 2020. While there doesn’t seem to be a video game adaption on the horizon as of yet, you can expect that Tanjiro’s tale of fantastical revenge will eventually find a home on console and PC if Bandai Namco has anything to say about it.