Is there a Tower of God Season 2 release date?

Is there a Tower of God Season 2 release date? Following on from the jaw-dropping events of the Season 1 finale, surely, Season 2 of the popular anime has to be on the way. Read on to find out if Tower of God Season 2 has been confirmed or not. When is the Tower of God episode 14 premiere date? Discover below when the Season 2 episode 1 release date should be in the U.S. and U.K.

Is there a Tower of God Season 2 release date?

Tower of God Season 2 release date

We’re expecting the Tower of God Season 2 release date to be Spring or Summer 2021. As of writing, there is no official confirmation of a Season 2 of Tower of God, however. We would be surprised if it doesn’t happen, though, as the Crunchyroll Original anime has proven to be a hit. New and sequel anime series tend to release at least a year after the original series came to an end. A Spring/Summer 2021 release date for Tower of God Season 2 episode 1 sounds reasonable. This means anywhere between April and July 2021.

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While no second Season has been announced for Tower of God as of writing, the anime’s first Season has come to an end with episode 13. And SPOILERS, Viole has been teased at the end of the series. The closing shot is a clear nod to Season 2, giving us a glimpse of a character that played a large role in the original Webtoon series beyond what we’ve seen in the remake. It’s too big of a cliffhanger to end a show on for there not to be a follow-up Season 2.

As stated above, too, the anime has proven popular. Speaking to Anime News Network back in May 2020, Carter Hahnselle (director of brand and title marketing at Crunchyroll) explained that “The fan reaction to Tower of God has been incredible and inspiring… You’ll have to check out the series yourself to see how far we follow Bam up the Tower in Season one! Can’t share too much beyond that right now.” It’s safe to say that a second Season of Tower of God will release at some point in the future. We’ll update this guide when we discover the official Tower of God Season 2 release date.