Kanye West thinks Sonic the Hedgehog is ‘so dope’

Kanye West has been playing some Sonic recently, with Kid Cudi filming the rapper and producer enjoying the game while praising the Sega mascot. In a video uploaded to Twitter by Kid Cudi, Kanye is shown playing Sonic 2 on a wall-mounted arcade machine, sharing his thoughts on the iconic hedgehog character in the process.

Explaining to Cudi that Sonic is his son’s favorite character, Kanye went on to say that its “animation style is so dope,” and how the Sonic franchise will “last forever” as it continues to spread to other forms of media such as film and TV series.

Cudi showed Kanye completing Sonic 2‘s Emerald Hill Zone and the first Dr. Robotnik boss fight, who Kanye referred to as “Jim Carrey.”

Watch the video below:

Kanye is no stranger to video games. Back in 2016, the Jesus is King rapper announced Only One, an iPhone game about his late mother. The game’s development is still reportedly in limbo, with it yet to be released on the App Store.

Kid Cudi is also a noted Sonic fan. When the Sonic the Hedgehog movie released earlier this year, he rented out an entire theater in Glendale, California, and sent out an invite to his 2.1 million followers to join him for free. Also in attendance was Ben Schwartz, who voice Sonic in the live-action adaptation.