Pokemon card pack opening simulators give fans their fix

As Pokemania persists, Pokemon pack opening simulators are giving fans their fix. The Pokemon Trading Card Game is currently enjoying a boom period, which has left many card packs out of stock. With the thrill of pulling from real Pokemon TCG packs being largely unattainable, opening sims are serving as a stand-in right now. But, what’s the best Pokemon card pack opening simulator to use in 2021?

Which is the best Pokemon card pack opening simulator? (2021)

Best Pokemon card pack opening simulator

Pokemon card shortages aren’t unprecedented, though the current scarcity is making packs almost as hard to locate as a PS5. In some cases, the asking price is even comparable! For many collectors the situation is out of hand, though, thankfully, Pokemon TCG fans can still experience the thrill. It’s all courtesy of online opening simulators, which aim to mirror the excitement of pulling 10 random cards from a booster pack.

The best Pokemon card pack opening simulator is available here. There are several free sims available online, but this is the highest quality option. Featuring the standard booster pack distribution, six common and three uncommon cards display automatically. Users then need to click the single rare card to see what they got, adding plenty of anticipation to proceedings.

Unlike real Pokemon Trading Card Game pack openings, users can open as many booster packs as they wish without incurring any cost. It’s a fun experience in and of itself, but also an interesting way to estimate how long pulling a real card might take. Of course, that also means that the approximate cost of pulling the desired card from a random pack can be estimated.

One downside is that there’s no way to store the virtual cards in a collection, so it isn’t possible to catch ’em all using a simulator. Additionally, virtual Pokemon trading cards won’t increase in value.

Physical cards, on the other hand, may do depending on their condition. Grading a quality card is a great way to further boost its value, so check out how much it costs.