When is the new Bo Burnham Netflix special ‘Inside’ release date?

Bo Burnham, the actor/musician/comedian who rose from YouTube to Netflix fame, is working on a new streaming special. It’s called Inside, and though other details remain slim, a new teaser posted to Twitter reveals that the release date for his latest special is coming soon.

What is the Bo Burnham Inside Netflix special release date?

What is the Bo Burnam Inside Netflix special release date?

The next Bo Burnham Netflix special, titled Inside, will be released in 2021. According to a teaser posted to Burham’s Twitter account, the film is “almost finished,” implying there’s still some work to be done. However, the short clip reveals that Burnham’s Inside special will be released “soon” as a Netflix exclusive.

This announcement has taken many fans by surprise. After all, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Burnham. Prior to the announcement of Inside, nearly two years had passed since he’d posted any kind of tweet. However, he did have a role in the Academy award winning film Promising Young Woman, which released last Christmas.

According to Burnham, he filmed his new special entirely by himself, without the assistance of crews or live audiences. These facts alone should make it a stark departure from his other specials, which typically blend stand-up comedy and musical routines. If anything, the special could be a return-to-form, mirroring the self-shot musical YouTube videos that propelled him to stardom in the first place.

The Inside teaser seems to play on the idea of solitude and isolation — a very apt foundation considering how much of the world was in lockdown last year. And, true to Burnham’s style, it features a solo piano piece that has some sense of longing to it. The final note hangs in the air as the lights flicker before Burnham is revealed in shadow sporting a new beard.

Be on the lookout for Bo Burnham’s Inside special to release later in 2021. To get your fix in the meantime, you can still check out his other two live specials — what. and Make Happy — over on Netflix. For more streaming media scoops, check out our review of the new Mortal Kombat movie.