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Play Cut the Button Logic Puzzle for FREE! In Cut the Button Logic Puzzle you have to move the position of a color button to line it with 2 buttons with similar color. Align all the buttons to clear the fabric and win the level. If you’re brainy and you love brain exercise, you’ll love our line puzzle. There are over 600 levels in this colorful button game so you’ll have plenty of challenges to train your brain while having fun. What do you do when you’re bored? Do you love to challenge yourself with brainy color puzzle or line puzzle as brain exercise? We challenge you to play our colorful button game where you have to stay focused and strategize to win. Our challenge is to move the color button and align it vertically, horizontally, and diagonally with other buttons with the same color. After they are aligned, they will be cut off with scissors from the denim. The level is done once you clear the denim in this color puzzle. *** New animals theme! *** ========================================== TOP FEATURES OF CUT THE BUTTON LOGIC PUZZLE: ========================================== ➢ Play this exciting colorlines button game for FREE. ➢ Enjoy this color game with its beautiful game design and animation. ➢ Cute themes such as: Classic, Halloween, and Animals with beautiful denim background. ➢ Simple game rules but can be challenging to solve. ➢ Over 50 challenging color line puzzles to play and train your brain. ➢ Over 600 levels to provide you with stimulating brain exercise. ➢ Play as Beginner or as Master when you can stay focused and solve harder puzzles. ➢ No time limit. Take your time to clear the board and finish our color lines puzzle. ➢ Made a wrong move? Just use our “Undo” button. ➢ Use “Retry” button when you’re stuck in this line puzzle. ➢ Save and Restore the board so you can return to your game anytime. ➢ Earn up to 100.000 EXP for your Google Play account. ➢ .. and more! Wait for our next update for more fun and brainy challenges. On Halloween theme, the buttons will be replaced by pumpkins and other Halloween related icons. Tips and tricks of how to play this color game: Remember that a button cannot be moved to skip another button. Once the 3 colorful buttons create a color line, they will be cut off from the denim quilt automatically. This will present a problem when there’s one or two buttons with that color left on the fabric. This is why you need to think before you make any move. One thing about playing this color game: don’t move the color buttons too quickly. We don’t have timer so you can take your time to stay focused and think of the best strategy to solve this colorlines puzzle. Use “Undo” if you think you’ve made the wrong move. If you’re really stuck, just use “Retry” button to clear the fabric and try again. Do you need help ? If you’re really stuck on a color puzzle, you can contact us and we’ll give you our special and magical laser shaft to finish the level. Love our color game? Have any suggestion? We love to hear from you about how to improve our game. Write to us if you have any issue and we’ll solve it as soon as possible. Please leave us a rating and review to support us.

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