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Have you ever played a fighting game and thought you could come up with something better? Then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is with FIGHTER MAKER. You can create the character of your dreams, because every aspect can be edited: you can alter wardrobe, hair color, muscle tone, and skin color. Developing poses and artificial intelligence for your characters will bring them to life. For those who like some plot in their fighting games, you can create detailed profiles and histories for every character you create. Once you have a character that looks right, create the moves, combinations, and throws that will allow your fighter to become the greatest. Be sure to give all of your moves damage values, because you want that awesome kick or throw to cause a serious amount of damage. If you don’t like something in FIGHTER MAKER, you can always change it. If you ever thought you could create the ultimate fighting machine, now’s your chance with FIGHTER MAKER.

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