World Tour Soccer ’06

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World Tour Soccer ’06 is designed from the base up to play on the PSP® system. The game is a collection of quick (4 minutes) points-based game modes, each offering unique soccer challenges requiring players to utilize different soccer fundamentals. Attempt to dominate the globe in the World Tour Mode as you take on the World’s best from Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe. Slide into Medal Mode and experience numerous challenging new mini games where points and medals are awarded for solid soccer play. The competition is calling, are you ready to answer? 10 new modes of play including All Rounder, Classic Challenge, Challenge Plus, Time Attack, Checkpoint, Dropout, Outnumbered, Pass Clock, In The Zone and Shot Clock. Each mode features alternate points scoring systems and a reward-based unlock structure. 71 international teams along with more than 1,650 real, world-class players and 8 international stadiums. Game sharing compatibility allows WTS ’06 owners to share various levels of the game with other PSP™ system owners.

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