Phantasy Star Online DreamCast Cheats

Phantasy Star Online


Costume Colors:

Start a new game and select a character. Enter one of the following character

names to unlock two additional colors at the costume selection screen.

Name         Character   
KSKAUDONSU   Humar        
MOUEOSRHUN   Hunewearl    
RUUHANGBRT   Hucast      
SOUDEGMKSG   Ramar        
MEIAUGHSYN   Racat       
NUDNAFJOOH   Racaseal     
DNEAOHUHEK   Fomarl      
ASUEBHEBUI   Fonewm       
XSYGSSHEOH   Fonewearl   


PSO Grooves:

Place your PSO game disc in a PC CD-ROM and view images from the game in

the “Extra” folder.

Easier Experience:

Start a new game and enter to the place where your given the hunter job.

Choose the third choice (named Battle Training). You will a very strong

partner. To get easy experience just hit all the monsters once and have

your partner kill them with one slice. You will get 4 experience points.

Before you finish the job, leave the forest, go back to the guide place,

and cancel your job. Then, restart it and all the monsters and items will

be back making it easy to get experience points, money, and items.

Extra Character Animations:

Hold down the Alt key on your Dreamcast keyboard, and press any of the F-keys

(F1, F2, …F12). Your character will perform an animation.

Negate Enemy Trap Slowdown:

When you are close to an enemies and traps they can slow you down to a walk

when they should be running. Press Start to bring up the menu, and the effect

is negated. You can run past a group of traps or a throng of enemies this


Control It:

When the game is starting and you see the “bursting” star, move on the analog

and you will see that you have a smaller star that moves around with you.

Useless, but cool, check out the effects it leaves behind.

Screenshot Save:

Place an empty VMU in the second slot of a controller that is plugged into

port D. A screenshot requires 195 blocks of free space. Start an online

or offline game. Hold A + X then press Start on controller D to save the

present screenshot. If you’re successful, you will see a black screen with

a countdown. The game will continue after the countdown, and the screenshot

will be on the previously empty VMU. Go to with

the Dreamcast Planetweb browser to transfer your snapshot from your email

mailbox. You can also upload your screens on Sonic Team’s Official PSO Visual

BBS webpage and view screenshots submitted by other players.

Extra Difficulty Settings:

Beat the offline version of the game to unlock Hard Mode. Doing so again

will unlock Very Hard Mode. These modes are the same as previous ones, but

you get more experience and better items in these modes.

Secret Cave:

When you are playing the game go to a place called the Ruins. Inside the

first part of the ruins you will find a giant hole in the ground with a

waterfall coming down the side, you can go through that waterfall to find

secret items on the other side. Most of the time they will be better items

than the ones you find every where else.

Photon Blast:

If you are a character thar uses techniqes then you can do this, press start

to bring up the menu, go to customize and clear everything off of both things,

then put “Resta” on the B button and on the Right-B button put either “Zonda”

or “Grants”. Now lock on to someone and press and hold R and then press

B almost at the same time…but press R first then push B about 1 or 2 seconds

after R. Note: This works best online so u can hit them and build up your

PB (Photon Blast) it may not seem usefull but right before bosses it helps!

Other Views:

If you want to see the view for other players here’s the way to do it. You

need 2 controllers 1 in port 1 and the second in port 3 afterward go in

area and hold L + R and D-pad up after yul be able to see other view from

other players.

Break Free of Freeze:

There are some times when you will be frozen somewhere on the map. Specifically

when your hit by the Grass Assassin’s breath attack in the caves or the

falling traps in the ruins. Normally you would take some damage but you

can break free! Simply drop an item(one meseta works best) and your free!

Heal a Friend:

Press Start and go to techniques (sp?) then to heal then rest. Now go and

press Up and A and the same time. This will refill the TP of one of your

mates your playing with but will not fill up your own.

Walk Through Locked Doors & Force Fields:

Note: This trick is performed easier with male characters, or by using a

Double Saber, Twin Brand, or Stag Cuttlery. What to do: Find a locked door

that you want to go through, but cannot access yet (should be red on radar).

Walk to the corner of the door, and wedge yourself in as far as you can.

Now, quickly, without physically moving forward or backwards, make your

character look at the wall to the side of the door so that his/her back

faces the unlocked door. Do your 3 hit combo attack (w/out a weapon; or

6 hit with a DBL Saber/Stag/Twin) and you will notice you don’t move forward

(due to the wall), but instead you move backwards through the door on your

backstep. Repeat this process (face your back to where you want to go) to

make it through the door. VOILA! You should be through in a matter of seconds.

All Levels Open Online:

To open up all the levels for online play, simply beat the game offline

on Normal mode. When you log on and play a Normal, Hard, or V-Hard game,

the Caves, Mines, and Ruins will already be open.

Nice Buddies Online:

Need any free weapons such as a saber or mechgun? Just ask people online

for any free weps and they might just give you some rare and possibly a

9 star weapon!

Open The Ruins Faster:

This trick opens the Ruins faster. When you beat the Mines and you’re at

the teleporter walk over to the blocked entrance to the ruins and do the

“walk through walls/force field” trick and you should be able to get into

the Ruins. Now it will be a little tricky, try not to get stuck.

GameShark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) 
ECB6AA00 1456E60A 

Infinite Money 
1C1EA484 61DFB00


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