Ready 2 Rumble Boxing DreamCast Cheats

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing


Enter the following as a Gym Name in Championship mode:

RUMBLE_POWER    Enable Bronze Class Boxers & Kemo Claw
RUMBLE_BUMBLE   Enable Silver Class Boxers & Bruce Blade
MOSMA!          Enable Gold Class Boxers & Nat Daddy
POD_5!          Enable Champion Class Boxers & Damien Black

Play as New Characters:

Freak E. Deke        - Finish arcade mode once
Use Michael Jackson  - Finish arcade mode twice
Use G.C. Thunder     - Finish arcade mode three times
Use Wild Stubby Corly- Finish arcade mode four times
Use Shaquille O Neal - Finish arcade mode five times
Use Freedom Brock    - Finish arcade mode six times
Use Rocket Samchay   - Finish arcade mode seven times
Use Robox Rese       - Finish arcade mode eight times
Use Bill Clinton     - Finish arcade mode nine times
Use Hillary Clinton  - Finish arcade mode ten times

Enable Leprechaun:

At the Character selection screen, press X + L + R to choose Leprechaun as your


Extra Outfits:

At the Character selection screen, press X + Y to choose an alternate outfit.

Choose your ring:

In two-player arcade mode, hold the following while selecting your characters.

L       Two-tiered arena
R       Championship arena
L+R     Gym

Holiday backgrounds:

Set the internal Dreamcast clock on Christmas (Dec 25). Now start a prize

fight, and you’ll find Xmas trees in the background. Set the clock on Halloween

(Oct 31) and you’ll find skeletons in the arena.

Extra art:

Put the game disk into a PC CD-ROM Drive. Look in the directory called ‘extras’

to find some cool Ready 2 Rumble wallpaper.

Cheap training:

In Training, highlight the Rumble Aerobics Training and press Left and then

quickly press A. If you did it fast enough, you will buy the Rumble Mass Nutrition

Regime (which costs $25,000) for $500! This will boost your strength and experience

very quickly.

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M. Brandon Williams, TomW, Jesse, Nicko, Alex and ItchyLegs!