Rippin’ Riders DreamCast Cheats

Rippin' Riders


Force track:

Get the high score on all 5 standard tracks.

Extra outfits:

Beat the game with any character to get more clothing for that character.

Cool Boarders 2 practice track:

Beat all 5 standard tracks.

Play as Snowman:

Get the high score on the Cool Boarders 2 practice track.

Play as Gray:

Beat the Force track.

Longer Super Pipe:

Break various records in the super pipe.

Play All Tracks:

To play all tracks you must start a 2-player game. Then quit 2-player mode and play free ride. Beat the first course and then quit free ride. Then go back to 2-player game and after each race you'll be able to choose the "next course" option. You have to play them all in a sequence, but you even get a special track after the credit track.


Thanks to Revolution readers Marco Anneti and Rob LaCasse!