Shenmue DreamCast Cheats



Better Store Prizes:

When in the tomato convenience store if you buy a box of Shenmue candy (potato

crisps, chocolate or caramel.) Buy caramel and when she asks you to draw

a ticket, wait until you see the A button blinking and count to 5. The closer

you get to when Ryo draws the ticket himself the better prize you get. Works

almost every time! Timing is every thing.

Instant Win:

When you are thirsty go to the drink-machine and if you have a winner can

you can connect to the internet and trade it for a picture of your favorite

character!! it’s not very useful but Fun!!

70 Person Battle:

Beat all the discs then go to options for 70 person Battle!!!

Get a Weather Reading From 1986:

Beat all 3 discs to obtain the code. Get the actual weather from 1986 from

the weather observatory.

Get Easy Money:

This is fairly simple. When you are trying to get past the gaurds to Master

Chen, all you have to do is keep getting caught by the gaurds. Do this until

the next year if you want. You’ll have enough money to do anything with.

You can play games if you want!

More Moves:

To get many more move scrolls go to the Antique Store. You can buy 6 move

scrolls.Be sure to have a lot money!

Hidden High-Res Artwork:

Put one of the Shenmue discs into any PC CD-ROM drive to view the artwork

that which is great for desktop wallpaper.

Japanese Pack Rats:

There are matches by the altar, a flashlight under the phone in the cabinet,

Batteries in the room with the TV, A sega saturn in the T.V. Cabinet, A

Twin Blades move in the basket by the Altar room, Shadow reaper in Fuk-sans

room. Mysterious key in Iowa sans room as well as letter for Ryo. In ryo’s

room there is a tape on the desk, a tape player in the first drawer, and

a tape in the bottom drawer, There is also a picture in the middle drawer.

Get the Bad Ending:

To get the bad ending, when you are tryin to get to Master Chen the first

time. Get caught every time until the summer. Then you will fast-forward

until Lan-Di comes and…. kills you like he did your father.

Get the Mini Games:

To get special mini games, try to get the high scores in all the respective

games. You can get mini-darts, Excite QTE, Space Harrier, and Hang On.

Reckless on the Road:

If you’re a bit bored while driving the forklift or the motorbike, press

up on the D-pad to give a blast on the horn. Great for annoying people close

by. Senseless fun funny!

Mysterious Scroll:

There is a mysterious scroll in the dojo. When you enter, look left to see

a “ying and yang” frame. look at it and Ryo will say he can’t reach. Look

right at the stool and use it to boost up. Get the scroll and take it to

master chen or his son to translate it. It may help in Shenmue 2.

Planning for the Future:

Remember if you have spare money you should think about buying toys out

of the machines. Because if you can get a full set you can trade them for

money in Shenmue 2. Also don’t waste money on food because Ryo doesn’t eat

any. If you want to save during the game click on the memory card on the

menu and when you come back to the game it will allow you to continue.

Useful Shin-Kick:

For a shin kick just simply press Y + A and you will do a shin kick. If

you do this while you are training, it will not say LEG MOVE:SHIN KICK HAS

BEEN MASTERED.When you do this in freebattle don’t expect it to say the

move has been mastered. It’s not very powerful, but can push the enemy away

and give you time to get a very good combo on that enemy.

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On        22C5F54A00000002
Tons Of Items         C967A97100000001
All Punches Mastered  EC17161D00000064

All Kicks Mastered    D3108D5600000064
All Throws Mastered   22276DCD00000064
All Collection        16755819E06B1041
Max Cash              2A27ADC805F5E0FF 

Thanks to Revolution readers Johan Grip, Ryo, Jimi Hendrix, Will McCracken,

Thomas Manning, berger2k1, Stuart Fraser, T.J. and Kain!