Sonic Adventure 2 DreamCast Cheats

Sonic Adventure 2



Boss Attack Mode:

To unlock Boss Attack mode, complete either Hero or Dark side story modes. You'll be able to fight each boss from either Hero or Dark side.

Unlock Dark Garden:

To unlock the Chao Dark Garden, you must raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters. Continually feed and train your Dark Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Garden.

Unlock Hero Garden:

To unlock the Chao Hero Garden, you must raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train your Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.

Unlock Kart Racing:

game In order to unlock the Kart game, in the Hero Side story, complete Tails driving quest and in Dark Side story, successfully finish Rouge chase mission.

Unlock Last Stage:

In order to play the actual last stage of Sonic Adventure 2, finish both Hero and Dark side story games. Once done, go into story mode and a "Last Stage?" menu selection should appear between Hero and Dark selections.

See Big The Cat As Knuckles:

G go to Pumpkin Hill (Hero story) make the ghost train go into one of the skull curtains and go look in the same one. You will see Big Waving And Froggy on the ground next to him.

See Big the Cat as Rouge:

First, get to the part where Rouge takes the screen in Cannon's Core. Go to the top of the water chamber where the time stop switch is. Then look up at the unreachable platform and he'll be fishing.

See Big the Cat as Sonic:

In City Escape level About 3/4 of the way down when you're running away from the truck look on the right sidewalk to see him running away.

See Big the Cat as Shadow

In Radical Highway level After going in one of the rockets look at the blimp to the left and he will be sitting on it.

See Big the Cat Sonic vs. Shadow 1st Time:

When you're battling against Shadow with Sonic in the Green Forest area there is a grate. Look down in the grate and you can see Big fishing.

Super Sonic and Super Shadow:

Beat Hero and Dark Modes. Then, go back to the story select screen. a new story called "LAST" will be there. go to it and the last level you get to be Super Sonic and Super Shadow in a tag team-like battle against the Ultimate Life Prototype, The Finalhazard!

Hints on the Last Fight:

When it first starts off, quickly grab a coin (just to be safe), and imediately hit sonic with a homing attack and, when he stops blinking, do it again. You should be able to hit him easy the first two times but after that its harder. Keep using the technique and if he hits you, grab another coin and continue. Don't worry if you pass him, he'll use chaos control to catch up. There'll be repeating rows of coins so use the light dash to gain speed if you fall too far behind. When sonics life is down to red, you might want to wait till he does the "Sonic Wind" to strike because he stays still for about two seconds. He only does the technique if your too far behind though but hitting him is still possible. If he does it, quickly jump and perform the homing attack to dodge it, run up to Sonic, and do a homing attack again. If ya do this all correctly, you'll beat sonic.

Boss Attack Mode:

Beat the Hero or Dark side story modes to unlock boss attack mode. You will be able to fight the bosses from the side of the story you completed.

Hidden Artwork:

Put the game disc in a PC CD-ROM drive to find additional art images from the game.

Make Omochao Angry:

Just pick him up and throw him around. If you throw him at a bad guy, he'll blow up. You can even shoot him with Eggman or Tails while he's flying around your head.

See Big the Cat as Tails/miles:

On tails first level go into the 3rd chamber down one of the indoor halls, the jail cell on the left will have Big trying to brake free. (or just play until you see a cell with a brown spot.)

See Big the Cat as Knuckles Again:

When you're Knuckles and have to find 3 keys in Dr.Eggman's Secret Base. You're in the center chamber where there are columns surrounding the center thing that looks green on the inside. On one of the sides in the huge chamber you can see Big sitting on a platform. I think he might be fishing or something.

Green Hill Zone:

Get all 180 emblems.

Get a Sonic Chao:

Give it many green animals as Sonic. Then pet it till it turns white then when it evolves it will have a spike on his head.

How You Can Make the Best Chao:

1- feed it with sonic only and pet it all times when it is a baby

2- Feed it 10 Dragons,5 S.dogs and 5 Bats in that order. (you get the and bat from Pumpkin Hill near the church , The dragon from Wild Canyon in the place you find the Mystic Melody for knuckles. you can also get 2 life up in this map thy are eazy to find So get thim then get the dragon and keep restarting tell you have 10)

3- Keep feeding it the right way and you get the sonic chao (it is a very good fast chao)

4- keep feeding it the right way and if your lucky you get to have a flaming dot on you chao's head.


To have Shadow, just beat the game with Sonic once and then twice with Knuckles. Then when you go to the "select player" menu there will be a guy named as Shadow. Select it and you will play with as him.

Get Shadow Chao:

To get the shadow chao follow the same guidelines to make a sonic chao but use only shadow.

How To Get A Knuckles Chao:

Feed your Chao anything using only Shadow then pet him over and over until he starts changing color keep on petting him until he won't change anymore if you look at his chest and he should have the same mark as Knuckles does.

Flaming Chao Dot:

To get the flaming Chao dot for the Chao garden in the Pumpkin Hill stage with Knuckles just find all 3 Chao containers and when you go to the garden give it to a Chao and they will have a flaming dot instead of a round dot.

Get an Extra Chao:

Load your game and choose stage select. REMOVE YOUR VMU!! (Don't worry it doesn't ruin your game) Go to chao world, and hatch a chao put it in your VMU and reset your dreamcast. Put your vmu back in and load your game. Go to chao world, take out your chao, and there you go!

Flaming Chao Dot:

To get a flaming chao dot go to Pumpkin Hill with Knuckels and get all the chao boxes. In the third box there should be a wierd green animal, give that to your chao to get the dot. Keep doing it untill your chao has the dot.

Extra Lives:

In 2 player mode, when you are Knuckles, Simply jump and then dig until you have found a ring bubble-container or whatever you wanna call it.Once you find it Knuckles will jump into the air. When he does, glide for 1/3 to 1/2 a second (This is hard to master) and drill claw back into the ground. You will receive a 5, 10, and 20 container in that order. Keep gliding and digging in this manner about 7 or 8 times and you receive an extra life container (and 1-2 extra lives from rings, not to mention all the special attacks.)

Tip for Beating Finalhazard:

The Finalhazard is very difficult to defeat and there is no real strategy or secret which will make it an easy battle. The key to winning is luck, skill and some fast and furious flying. The first three or four hits will be easy, but the last two are damn near impossible. The beams will move faster after every hit and the eggs make it very hard to even get close. There are two ways of making the final runs a little easier. The first is to simply fly around avoiding the attacks until an opening in the eggs forms near the big red blister. The other is to fly over or under the lizard as if you were going to switch out characters. When you get close to the eggs, fly in behind them. Now the lasers will have to intersect each other very close to you or swing sharply in order to knock you back. The eggs still pose a threat but can be avoided long enough for you to get at the blister. You must move fast and skillfully in order to make this work. Also, you must alternate between A and B and fly to the left and right as you get closer to the lizard. This is about as easy as you can make it for this boss.

Raise Chao Stamina:

Put a Chao in your VMU and play Chao Adventure 2. Giving the Chao fruit will raise your Chao Stamina while rasing: dramaticaly increasing your chance to win!!

Look at Rouge's chest First:

Go to Chao world. then go to the entrance of the chao garden BUT don't go in. Go to either the left or right side of the entrance, stand there and rotate the camera.(you must be Rouge to do this)

Speed up Timers:

If a 60 ring attack is used on you, (Time stop, Chaos Control, Power Flash, Charm Ray) push the joystick forward to double the speed of the countdown.

Extra time in Security Hall Stage:

When you're about to go to find the chaos emeralds in the Security Hall stock up on lives in another level then when playing the level and you're running out of time die on purpose you should be at the start of the level with the emeralds you had.

Infinite Chaos:

Start a new game with no memory card and go to Chao world and then insert a memory card. Now put your chao in the Chao transporter. After the game saves, turn it off. Now turn the game back on with the memory card in now go to chao world on level select on your saved game and get the chao out of the transporter. If you repeat this over and over and you can get as many choas as you want!

Sonics Magic Gloves:

After you have recieved the bounce attack in Pyrimid Cave, Go to trail and play city escape. Where the big robot is standing (right after sonic runs down the side of the building) there will be four boxes on the ground. Bounce attack them and you will find sonics magic gloves down there.

Sonic Power Up Magic Gloves:

What you do with magic gloves this is an update to the magic glove powerup for sonic when your standing near a enemy press "Y" if you did it correctly you will have the enemy in your hands in a bubble you can throw it at a enemy and make them explode.

Shadow Fireball Spin Attack:(alows you to break through metal boxes)

In Radical Highway, The first time when the planes come and try to bomb you, Instead of running straight, turn around. There is aspinning thing behind you. Roll under and do the Light Dash. It will take right to Shadows new move.

Knuckles Sunglasses: (now you can see things you could not see before)

Go to the Meteor Herd Level. You will see an area with a force field around it.(where you fight Rouge) Right under that area area several dorrs with red lines on them. There is a floating island not too far fromone of the doors. Go to that island and punch the meteor. If you aimed well, the door will break open when the meteor hits. Inside there is a swith. Push it and the ground where you fight Rouge will open. Jump down there and you will find Knuckles Sunglasses.

Ancient Light for Shadow: (Can now spin dash many enimies at a time)

Go to Sky Rail. when you see the very first rocket, don't get it. Jump and destroy the enemy toget to the other side. Hit the spring and go forward. You will see a thing that goes up when you jump on it. Once it is at the top, use the homing attack towards the screen and keep jumping. There is a line of robots that will take you to the ancient light. Be careful, the enemies electrify after a while.

Knuckles Mystic Melody: (Can use Mystic meledy on the ancient ruins to find stuff)

Go to the wild canyon and ride the air thingy. Go to the very end of the canyon were there is a picture on the wall. Dig in the center of the picture.

Robotnicks Mystic Melody: (Same thing as above)

Once you have the ability to hover, go back to Dr Eggmans first level and jump onto the rotating platform, instead of jumping off to carry on in the level, let it carry you around further, and there will be a platform to jump onto, here you will get the mystic melody where you can use whenever you find a small shrine. This will warp you ahead to a secret part of the level.

Rouges Mystic Melody: (Same thing as above)

On the Dry Lagoon Board when you start, scale the walls in the middle level of the Oasis you start out in. You should find a wall hidden in the shadows that you can dig through that looks different from the others. It has a huge bird on it and it looks like there is an oval shaped portal in his belly. The wall looks just like the ones Knuckles can dig through. Go through and there it is.

Tails Mystic Melody: (Same thing.)

On hidden base, find the second check point then go across the quick sand. Then, way up ahead you will see after the lever pulls you, lots of monkeys going to blow you up while you are on the lever kill them all. Then look to the left and you will see a cat painted on a block. Blow it up, and jump down you will see metal boxes blow it up with a bozoka and you got it.

Robotnicks Protection Armor: (Gives Robotnick more life.)

Go to Cosmic Wall. On the first part of where you fall for a very long time with enemies every where floating, you'll see a platform with metal boxes. Then jump (or hover) dead ahead of the platform. On the platform there should be a missile. Press the green button to activate the missile. Launch it and break those steel cages on the right of you. Then hover to that platform and there should be the protection armor there.

Knuckles Air Necklace: (Lets Knuckles breath underwater forever)

First make the water level at 1. Then go up that little hook and make the water level at three. Then go to the area where it says Caution and it has a spring inside, there should be a hole there. Go inside and go all the way down to the bottom. There you should see another hole with the thing that makes you speed up. Go inside and go straight until you meet a dead end. You'll see some long woods. Go to it and you should even go lower to the bottom. Then you should see another hole. Quickly go inside and swim all the way up. Press "A" to go up quicker. At this point you'll almost run out of air, so get up quickly!!!! If you made... TA-DA!!! There's the Air Necklace for you!

Tips For Beating the Last Fight How to Beat Sonic:(Not the secret last level? fight)

The first 4 hits are easy because you can use the homing attack, but the last 2 hits are hard. When your Shadow it's harder because when Sonic uses THE SONIC WIND attack,you can't somersault away from it. What you should do is this, when you are far behind Sonic will use his special attack. Speed up when you're far behind, then let the button go and try to hit Sonic when you're rolling. Or you can use the light dash, if you're lucky and there is a trail of rings behind Sonic. You can hit him this way but it's a hard way to attack. This is how I beat Sonic.

How to Beat Shadow:

Sonic has it easy. When Shadow uses the CHAOS SHOWER you can somersault away from it. I forgot, the last 2 hits you can't use the homing attack on Sonic or Shadow because they will jump up in the air when your about to hit the enemy. Speed up when Shadow uses his special attack and try to roll into the enemy like the other advice I gave in the last paragraph. When Shadow teleports when your far ahead of him, if your lucky and there is a trail of rings behind Shadow you can use the light dash to hit him.

See E-102 Gamma Copies:

When you're playing as Rouge in the level where you need 3 keys, head into the left room (I think it was left) sometime in the level, you'll see 2 E-102s blasting you! Strange thing is, if you kill them, Chao drives don't come out. Just like in Sonic Adventure 1, animals in green bubbles pop out!

How to Use the Magic Gloves:

Get near an enemy (not a boss)and press Y, look in the top-right corner for the words "magic gloves", press B and the enemy will explode and be in a tiny bubble in your hands. Now, you can throw it away or at an enemy to kill it.

Another Way to Speed Up Time Stops, Choas Control etc:

Tap A button quickly while frozen and it will speed up the timer.

Beating the Final Hazard:

This is the easiest battle in the game first he throws these eggs that are like missles but there easy to dodge, next he shoots these lasers but there easy to dodge, next are these lasers that follow you, next two lasers follow you, then with a bit of his life left he will shoot two lasers and a lot of eggs at the same time. One more thing when your rings are at 15 you should go under him and switch because going above him is harder.

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