Box art - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation DreamCast Cheats

All Weapons, Infinite Ammo & Medipacks:

Turn Lara exactly north according to her compass, then enter the inventory

screen. highlight the small medipack selection and press L, Up, X, Up, R,

Y, exit the inventory screen.(an easy way to have Lara face exactly north

is to have her hang from something facing north).

Infinite Lasersight Ammunition:

Have the crossbow or revolver combined with the lasersight. Zoom in hold

L then press start. while still holding L, Select the pistols and press

A.While still holding L,exit the pause screen, if you entered the code correctly,you

will hear the sound of the pistols being drawn.

GameShark Codes

Unlimited Explosive Crossbow Ammo 157C25DB000000FF
Have Pistols                      9CB879BD000000FF
Have Uzi                          B23249C7000000FF
Have Shotgun                      C30394B2000000FF
Have Crossbow + LaserSight        E29B6BDE000000FF
Have Grenade Gun                  A35322DB000000FF
Have Revolver + LaserSight        C2FF94B2000000FF
Have LaserSight                   DD40F09500000001
Unlimited Small Medipacks         3CC1170D000000FF
Unlimited Large Medipacks         61E3580B000000FF
Unlimited Flares                  61DB580B000000FF
Unlimited Uzi Ammo                B37609C7000000FF
Unlimited Revolver Ammo           E3DF2BDE000000FF
All Secrets Found                 B80E09A900000046
Unlimited Normal Shotgun Ammo     F349A5CC000000FF
Unlimited Wideshot Shotgun Ammo   3C99170D000000FF
Unlimited Normal Grenade Ammo     5557441D000000FF
Unlimited Super Grenade Ammo      888BBE4A000000FF
Unlimited Flash Grenade Ammo      88B3BE4A000000FF
Unlimited Normal Crossbow Ammo    B32E09C7000000FF
Unlimited Poison Crossbow Ammo    DDB8B095000000FF


Thanks to Revolution readers Darla Telles and Lara Croft!