Ultimate Fighting Championship DreamCast Cheats

Ultimate Fighting Championship



999 Creationg Points:

In career mode type in “Best” for your first name and “Buy” for your last


Play as "Card Girl":

Beat UFC mode with everyone for "Card Girl".

Play as Bruce Buff:

Get a silver belt w/ a custom character.

Play as Referee:

Get a gold belt w/ custom character.

Play as Ultimate Man:

Get all gold belts with every character. This is the guy on the UFC symbol.

Get a Different Referee:

While a match is loading in Career hold down all four buttons and both triggers.


Win championship-road mode on the hard difficulty setting with any fighter

to unlock Ulti-Man’s body type, voice, nickname, and the octagon location

in career mode.

Unlock Masked Fighter Type and Pro Wrestler Style Discipline:

Win UFC Mode with six UFC fighters



To survive, make sure you do not get too close to your opponent. Keep your

distance from him. Don’t get in too close. Let him come to you and block

his jabs which will leave openings for you.

Don’t Hit the Mat:

Before attempting to take the guy down, hit him with some swift punches,

and you always want to be aware of when an opening occurs. If you see him

trying to get you down, get ready to reverse and get him in the Guilotine

w/ a Scissors takedown.

Have ‘Em Wear Themselves Out:

If you let your opponent do a series of combos on you, you’ll see their

stamina go down, hit them right after they have finished hitting you and

if you time it right, they could go down with one punch.

Hits For Beating Level 31 Challenge:

Having trouble beating the level 31 challenge (Murray Jr.or Murhpy Jr. I

think his name is)? Let him take you to the ground in any round your fighting

him in and hit him in the face or body to get his energy down. This has

worked 3x already. Enjoy!

GameShark Codes

Infinite Time

P1 Sudden Death Mode Do NOT Use With Infinite Time 
P2 Sudden Death Mode Do NOT Use With Infinite Time 
Infinite Stamina P1
Infinite Health P1
Infinite Health P2
Infinite Stamina P2
Infinite Skill Points

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