Pokemon Green Walkthrough

Walkthrough Pokemon green:

First you will talk to pro oak he will ask what your name is and you can make your own or choose own and the same  with 
your rival after that you will start in your room in pallet town den go outside to go north to the grass den pro oak 
will come and say you need your own pokemon for proterotection and you will follow him to his lab and your rival will 
be there and pro oak will say to choose a pokemon

who should you choose?


Bulbasaur will learn some good attacks like sleep powder he is the poisen grass type pokemon he will also learn solarbeam 
but then your rival will pikk charmander that is very strong agenst bulbasaur but its a good to choose him becuese the 
second gym and the first

Charmander those some puple choose becuese he evolvs to charizard that has 120HP in trading card game charmander will 
be better after he learns ember and even better after slash and even better after flamefrower he is not that good when 
he is charmeleon but after he has learnd flamefrower if you choose him ypur rival will choose squrtle charmander is not 
good in the pokemon leage but in the 4 gym

he is maybe best to choose but he will not be good in the 3 gym but in the 7 gym and the 1 if you choose squrtle but your 
rival will choose bulbasaur then

You may choose however you want
after you choose you will need to go out of the lab but before then your rival will come and try his your pokemon against 
yours and if you winn your pokemon will go up 1 level  now go out of the lab up the grass and even more north to the next 
town and go to the pokemon senter and if you go rigt up and push a they will heal your pokemon now go to the mart and talk 
to the persen by the counter and he will give you oaks parcel go back to pallet town and talk to pro oak and youl give him 
his parcel and then he will give you the pokedex now go to the other town and go to the pokemart and by some pokeballs 
about 5 so you can cath pokemon 

How should i cath pokemon:

First wekean the pokemon and push on the item butten and find the pokeballs and push on it and maybe the pokemon will 
escape or maybe you will cath it 

now your pokemon should be at level 9-12 now go up to the forest and in the forest go east up west up west up and then 
you will be in pewter citynow heal your pokemon and go to a bulding wear itsays gym on and now beat the own gay and it 
is time for brock


after beating brock go east and beat some traners and go north to the pokemon center
and heal your pokemon and go to the cave now go through it and you will come to a nother town now your starting pokemon 
should be evolvd at level17-20 go north and you will come to a brige go to it when you do that your rival will come and 
you will have a match and after beating your rival go on the brige on beat those traners ago east and beat those trangers 
and you will come to a house with a pokemon inside and talk to it and it will saythat its not a pokemon his name is bill 
aftertalking with him he will go in to a maching and all you will do is to go on a computer and he will come out after 
that talk with him and he willgive you a boat ticket after that go to the pokemon center after that find the gym beat 2 
traners and your pokemon should be at level 20-24 and then the gym leader misty
after beating misty go to the east part of the town and in to a house and out the other side and then youl figt a rocket 
traner after that go down o the underground tunnel after the underground tunnel you will be in vermilion city then go to 
the doc and longer down to the boat and go all over the boat and talk to evrebody after after a while you will meet your 
rival and beat him after thatgo even longer and you will meet the kaptin and you will get HM1 cut learn this to own 
pokemon and go off the boat and it will sale away now go to the gym and it will be a tre that is blocking your way now 
go to the pokemon menu and push on the one you learnd cut to and the tre will be gong now go in to the gym and beat the 
traners an push on the garbige cans to the thing that is blocking the way to the gym leader is gong and now its time for 
lt surge
after beating lt surge go to diglets cave and and go through it and cut down a tre and you will be in pewter city now go 
north and you will se a bulding and go behind it cut down a tre and go in to the bulding talk with evrybody and you will 
get a fossil now go back to vermilion city by the way go in to a bulding not in pewter city and talk to every body dear 
and you will get a HM5 flash and go back to the city before vermilion and go east to a tre and cut down and then go east 
to you come to a pokemon center and heal your pokemon then go to the tunnel and use flash just like you used cut and den 
go through the tunnelnow you will be in lavender town the ghost town now go west in to the under ground tunnel and you 
will be in the BIGESTcity in the game are your pokemon at level 27-30 if not make some battels now go to the casino and 
talk to a man by a piture figt him and push on the pitcure on somthing will open go down ther and find your way around  
and get a key to the elevator and go to the elevator but it is some mazes ther and go to the rocket boss beat him and 
then go out of the bulding and go to the gym in south but you must cut down a tre and beat some peple and its time for 
after beting erika go to the big mart at the top of the bulding take the stairs and push all over the walls to it comes 
up a sign fresh water
                                                     lemonade and somthing ells by one of them and go rigt outsid of the 
under  grund tunnel it is a port go in ther and give the drink to that persen now you can go through ther now your in 
saffron city go back to the big city gowest as long as you can now cut a tre that is in the pitchure go up and west 
through the litle bulding in to a house and talk to the persen that is inside ther and she will give you HM2 fly learn 
this to a pokemon and do the same thing that you do with cut and choose the town you want to go to but did you take the 
item after the rocket boss if you did not take it now fly to lavander town go to the boi bulding and you will figt your 
rival now go longger and longer up and when you are going more up you will meet a ghost the thing you got from the rocket 
boss will do that ghost to marowak its inposseble to cath it just kill it now go up beat the rocket traners and talk to 
the man and he will take you to his house and talk to him one more time and he will give you pokeflute so if one of your 
pokemon is aslep just use the pokeflute no your pokemon should  be at level 34-37 now fly to vermilion go to a bulding 
an talk to some peple and the one will give you somthing now go to the town with the water gym misty go to the bicykle 
shop and talk to the persen and you will get someting now fly to the BIGEST city go east to something that is blocking 
the way go to it and play the pokeflyte and you'll figt agenst a snorlax try to cath it you only have 2 chanses so save 
before you figt it after you catht it beatet it or rund away from if go more east and you need to go fru the bulding you 
will be on your bike now go down and den rigt now your pokemon should be at level 40-46 fly back to safron go to the 
BIGEST bulding ther and it wil be some teleport things ther on the one go on it and go back so you can get back and 
take the item now you can open up ports and open up the port to your rival and beat him and talk to a persen ther he 
will give you laprasyou will get a master ball go out of the bulding now you will se to gyms ther in the smallest you 
can only choose hitmonchan or lee or in the other one it is some teleport block go on them to get to the gym leader 
after beating her go to the town you bisykeld down to now your pokemon should be at level 40-45 it is a gym ther if you 
se it is invinseble walls ther now beat some of the traners and it will be time for koga
Go north of the town and you will se a bulding save now. now go in to the buldig go through it you will get 30 safari 
ballsthat you can use in safarizone now find the way to a bulding with a man inside he will give you HM3 surf now it is 
a itemnear it with a name golden teeth now cath pokemon to your time is up now go to a house with some water above in 
that house it will be a man that has mist his teeth and you will give him his teeth and he will give you HM4 strenth 
learn surf to a pokemon and HM4 fly back to pallet town and surf dow south and you will come to cinibar island go in a 
bulding waer you can find kofing  and you will find statue if you go infront of them and pres A it will open up a door 
and it will be some things that is black that you can fall down you must fall down some places an pres A on the statues 
to get the secret key but it is no body that will give you it you must find it  and go down the black spot og have dig or 
escape rop with you after you have goten out of the bulding go to the gym it will be a quiz or figt after that its time 
for blane
when you have beated blane IT WILL BE TIME FOR ZAPDOS fly to the town with misty and go east and cut the tre and go more 
east and you will need to use surf there use it as you do with cut and surf down and you will come to a bulding with the 
name POWER PLANT it will be a maze her you can find the TM thunder now soon you will find a pitchure of a bird pokemon 
save now becuse you only have one chance talk to the pokemon and then you will figt zapdos dont use your master ball try 
to get it to sleep and try with ultra ball after you catch it fly to cinibar island but dont learn the TM thunder to 
zapdos becuse it will learn it on level 51

When your inn cinibar surf east to a island now go inn to the cave ther and fid som rocks that you kan push with streth 
and it will be alitle maze to push 1 rock in etch black hole after doing that go down the hole and go up and you will se 
a bird pitchure do the same thing that you did with zapdos now fly to verdian city dont learn articuno blizard it will 
learn it at level 51 now it will be a gym there go there and beat some peple and it is time for rocket boss
now your pokemon should be at level 50-60 now go west and your rival will come becuse he wants to see if you ready for 
the pokemon leage beat him to chek that your ready
now go inside the bulding and go north and use what you need go in the cave and all i can say is push the rocks on 
those buttens so pathes will open but one rock near a black hole must down and west to a butten

inside the cave you need to push one rock a long way not the one by the hole now it will be stairs near that butten 
it should go on go down dear and you will find a bird pitchure now save
talk to it and moltres will come do the same thing that you did with zapdos but DONT use the master ball
now go out of the cave to the pokemon leage now you should have CHARIZARD,BLASTOISE or VENASAUR one of them 2 or all 
you cant catch dem unlees game shark or giene or you have traded but it will be easy if you have charizard, blastoise,
venasaur,articuno zapdos moltres on level 63-70 then you will make it with out using your master ball
Pokemon leage

ice type
rock type
ghost type
dragon type

it is cald the elite 4 but your rival maked it before you

you need two be the pokemon leage master fly to the town with misty now go north and you will se some water surf down 
there and go in to a cave and it will be a maze when you se a pitchure of a pokemon save and talk to it and it will be 
mewtwo now just use your master ball it will catch it with out wekening it if you used your master ball try with ultra 
ball but then wekean it very mutch
your not fineshd yet you just need all the 151 pokemon

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