NBA Street Vol. 2 GameCube Cheats

NBA Street Vol. 2


Start a pick-up game and enter an ID. Now hold L and enter one of the following when the "Enter codes now" message appears at the bottom of the screen:

Infinite turbo:

B, B, Y, Y.

Big heads:

X, B, B, X.

Small players:

Y, Y, X, B.

All courts:

B, Y, Y, B

All jerseys:

B, Y, X, X.

All quicks:

Y, X, Y, B.

All NBA legends:

B, Y, Y, X.

ABA ball:

X, B, X, B.

WNBA ball:

X, Y, Y, X.

Ball trails:

Y, Y, Y, B.

No display bars:

B, X, X, X.

Explosive rims:

X, X, X, Y.

No counters:

Y, Y, X, X.

Easy two pointers:

Y, X, B, Y.

Hard two pointers:

Y, B, X, Y.

Classic Michael Jordan:

B, Y, B, B.

St. Lunatics team:

B, Y, X, Y


Thanks to Revolution readers Kobeman and Phillip!