Spider-Man: The Movie GameCube Cheats

Spider-Man: The Movie


Enter the following as codes at the ‘Specials’ Menu. Enter the code again

to turn it off.

ARACHNIDMaster code

CAPTAINSTACEYPlay as a helicopter pilot

CHILLOUTSuper coolant

DODGETHISMatrix-style attacks

FREAKOUTPlay as Matrix Spider-Man


GOESTOYOURHEADBig head and feet for Spider-Man

HEADEXPLODYBonus training levels

HERMANSCHULTZPlay as The Shocker

IMIARMAS Level Select

JOELSPEANUTSEnemies have big heads

KNUCKLESPlay as thug 1

KOALAAll fighting controls

ORGANICWEBBINGUnlimited webbing

REALHEROPlay as a police officer

ROMITASLevel Skip. Pause game and select "Next Level"

SERUMPlay as a scientist

SPIDERBYTESmall Spider-Man

STICKYRICEPlay as thug 2

THUGSRUSPlay as thug 3

UNDERTHEMASKFirst person view

Peter Parker and Wrestling Costumes:

Beat the game on Easy. The costumes can be found at the ‘Specials’ menu.

Alex Ross Spidey Concept Costume:

Beat the game on Normal. The costume can be found at the ‘Specials’ menu.

Play as the Green Goblin:

Beat the game under Hero or Superhero difficulty to unlock the Green Goblin

costume at the ‘Specials’ menu. You can then play through the game as Harry

Osborn. An easy way to do this is to enter the ARACHNID cheat. Use “Level Warp”

to go to the conclusion level. Watch the cinematic, the get back to the main

menu and enter the “Specials."

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