F-Zero GBA Cheats


Gameboy Advance

Password Screen:

At the machine selection screen in grand prix mode, press L, R, Start, R, L,


Jet Vermilion Car (much easier then winning 255 times):

Go to the password screen an put in this code: H-M2XLT8A-30 and at the car

select screen push up to use the Jet Vermilion car.

And Jet Vermilion?:

There is another code you can put in at the password screen to get the Jet Vermilion

racer. At the password screen type in the code: 3-KLY9V8?-30. Then go to the

car selection screen and go above Hot Violet and bingo, there’s Jet Vermilion.

Best Tracks to Use Jet Vermillion:

Have you ever looked at Jet Vermillion and saw that it’s turn performance is

a E and you need to now what kind of track’s he’s good at. Well I was practicing

and I found out that he specializes in tracks that have ice and turns on a dime.

There are three coures that have ice on them they are: Icarus circit, Kinght4,

and bishop2.


When you play at Icarus Circuit or Ancient Mesa-circuits, You may be unable

to steer your vehicle. Here’s good trick: Press repeatedly A-button in ice area

and your car will turn better in turns.

In-Game Reset:

Press Select + Start + A + B during game play at the title screen.

Open All Tracks:

Press B, Left Trigger, B, A, Right Trigger, B, B, A, A at the title screen.

New Cars:

Press A, A, B, A, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, A, B, Left Trigger at the title


Faster Cars:

Press A, B, Left Trigger, A, A, Right Trigger, B at the title screen.

Slower Opponents:

Press A, Right Trigger, L, B, A, A, B, Left Trigger at the title screen.


Demonstration Mode:

Press Select at the title screen.

Delete Saved Games:

Hold L + R and turn on the Game Boy Advance. Select “Yes” at the prompt to delete

your game saves.

Dirty Joker:

Win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks while playing the standard difficulty


Falcon Mk.II:

Win any set of tracks while playing the expert difficulty setting.

Fighting Comet:

Win the Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Queen tracks while playing the master difficulty


Silver Thunder:

Win the Queen tracks while playing the expert difficulty setting.


Win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks while playing the expert difficulty setting.

Jet Vermilion:

You can unlock Jet Vermilion by unlocking all other cars and completing championship

mode 255 times. Or beat every series on Master Class with all other racers.

Master Difficulty Setting:

Win the Pawn, Knight, or Bishop series while playing expert difficulty level

in grand prix mode to unlock the master difficulty for that series.

Cloud Carpet, Icarus Circuit Shortcut:

Immediately after you come out of the ice, press the boost button and hit the

jump plate (It is much easier if you are at top speed), and try to aim for the

on-coming track facing the opposite way you are facing, on your right. If done

properly, you will land on the last stretch of the lap, keeping you at least

a couple seconds ahead of your rival racers. This is an extremely difficult

cut to make, but well worh it if you are willing to take the risk.

Boost Start Made Easy:

Simply start the engine just before ready flashes for the third time. (There

is a big time gap for you to do it in.)

How To Get Queen-cup:

When you finish every cup (Pawn, Knight and Bishop) with Expert-mode, you can

find new cup: Queen.

Sharp Turns Made Simple:

Rather than always using “blast Turns” and decreasing speed by tapping the A

button repeatedly and holding the R or L buttons (for the whole time the turn

lasts), you can simply let go of the A, L, and R buttons as you aproach the

sharp turn, and as soon as your machine starts to slide to the side (While in

the turn) tap the A button while you are holding the L or R button down. This

easy technique is useful because the other racers will make wider, and a more

swervy turn enabling you to have an advantage on large turns.

Give All Ships Straight A’s: (A body,A boost,ext)

First pick Baba as your racer and beat any race you want then quickley go back

to the main screen and press R, Z, and L at the same time then go to the page

were you pick a racer and they should all have straight A’s (if you don’t have

all the characters don’t worry because when you get all of them they should

have straight A’s too).

Good Stuff to Know:

For an extra challenge, give Master Class difficulty a try. You can unlock Master

Class by completing every series at Expert Class. A good performance at Master

Class is key to unlocking several racing machines.

King Cup:

Beat every other cup with every car on every difficulty 30 times each and unlock

the insane King Cup!

GameShark Codes

3 turbos-Hot Violet   

All Vehicles   

Inf Hlth-Fireball   

Inf Hlth-Hot Violet   

Inf Hlth-Hot Violet   

Inf Hlth-JB Crystal   

Inf Hlth-Wind Walker   

Inst Win-Fireball   

Inst Win-Hot Violet   

Inst Win-JB Crystal   

Inst Win-Wind Walker   

Master Code  
Throttle Open   

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