Konami Krazy Racers GBA Cheats

Konami Krazy Racers

Gameboy Advance

Burst off the Line:

If you push the accelerator just before the last starting light lights up, you

will get a turbo start and pull away quickly.

“S” Cup:

Win every Krazy GP up through the “A” Cup to unlock the “S” Cup.

Unlock Bear:

On Grand Prix, Cyber Field 2, approach the finish line and grab the blue diamond

that sits between the two gaps. Complete the race and save to unlock Bear.

Unlock King:

On Grand Prix, Sky Bridge 2, grab the blue bell and use it to make a blind leap

to the right at the third large gap, landing on a distant platform to get the

blue diamond. Complete the race and save to unlock King.

Unlock Vic Viper:

On Grand Prix, Moon Road, at the first long gap, use boost to make a blind jump

to the right (instead of going straight over). On a long platform there’s the

blue diamond. Complete the race and save to unlock Vic.

Unlock Ebisumaru:

Unlock Bear, then play the Ganbare Dochu 1 and 2 tracks with Bear and beat the

record time to unlock Ebisumaru.

‘Diving Player’ Status:

Place first in all the chicken game battles.

‘Speed Master’ Status:

Place first in all Championships on Hard.

Throw Bombs And Ice Crystals Forward:

While Racing, press L and Up at the same time to throw bombs and ice crystals

forward. Just press L to leave them behind.

GameShark Codes

Must Be On [M]  

1st Position   

999 Coins   

Inf Retries   

No Laps To Finish   

9ED840598FD9C6EB Have Ally Spark

791AC45DE57450EE Have Barrier

366AFFAF0F67FCB2 Have Blue Missile

936DDED67B2EA7B3 Have Electric Battery 77367702B4307DB1 Have Eyewrap

C693DC28A81CB496 Have Hover Mode

7F9138951B59602D Have Pig

6C1AAACD84966260 Have Scooper Drill

E3B9A2916DE1CE45 Have Timebomb

3E6D2ECF1E8DB9EC Have Turbo

9936B8F92A567574 Press GS Button for Slow

7896079427667199 Have Red Missile


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